What is R053?

It's a cold evening. The date is... well, neither of them can remember. They just know for sure that it's February of 2020.

This world... It's strange. It's like a forest, but warped. Is the sky blue, purple, or pink? You can't tell. The water is red. The grass is black, and so are the trees. The leaves are a dull purple. Everything is wet, moist. It's raining. No one but the two girls are around. No one to witness them do anything. Do they even exist at all? Well, of course. Pluvio is holding a camera, and is recording, so of course they exist. That will be the only proof of their existence.

She nervously holds the camera, fumbling it around by accident. She starts recording, and speaks.

“So, uh, Lucy,” she’s interrupted by a screech, “L-Lucy? Why are we here again?” she asks, startled by the screech.

“I have to show you something,” Lucille says. A long tendril extends from her back, and shoots out into the forest. It soon returns, holding a corpse in its grasp. It looks just like Raine. Pluvio is horrified by the tentacle, and more so by the corpse. She reaches out to touch this clone of her host, but it falls apart at contact with her hand. All that remains is dark ashes. Lucille looks at Pluvio, staring deeply into her eyes.

“Do you understand yet? Your meaning- your purpose? Do you get it yet?” Lucille asks. She smiles, and puts a hand on Pluvio's cheek. Pluvio shakes their head. Lucille retracts the tendrils into her back.

“How disappointing,” she says, bluntly, “Maybe I'll show you again some other time, when you're a bit older.”

“Why..?” Pluvio asks, looking down at her ash-covered hands.

“You’ll understand soon enough,” Lucille says, putting her hand on Pluvio's shoulder. Her eyes glow blue beneath her glasses, and they vanish back to their world.



3 months before...

"Shut upppp dude I swear to god if this is just a tic tac I'm gonna fuckin kick your shins," the almost-14-year old Roxy said to the almost-16-year old Raine.

"It's not, I promise haha," Raine laughed, "I made sure to code the shit properly, it'll do what Lucy wanted." Roxy shrugged, smiling, and laid the pill in her hand, a glass of water in the other.

"I'm gonna take two, just so it does the job properly," Raine explained, "You should, too."

"Nahh no way! I already have a hard time taking pills," Roxy scowled, "C'mon, let's just take em and get it over with." She laughed, and they clinked their glasses together, before swallowing the pills.

A 17 and-a-half year old, probably hungover Lucille groggily got out of bed, and went out to her living room to see the two younger teens sitting on the floor, just having ingested the first R053 pills ever.

"Jesus fuck, is my fuckin uhh," Lucille said, in a kinda quiet voice, "sister, fuck I forgot her name, Sarah, right? Yeah, did she let you guys in or something?"

"Sarah's in her room, still drunk," Raine said, "Y'know, like always." Lucille nodded, her jet black hair all messy.

"How long do these pills take to kick in?" Roxy asked, eagerly, "Are they like psychedelics or somethin'?"

"You know what they do man I told you they make you more devoted to Stephanie," Raine said, sipping his water, "Also, they should take like 6 hours at most, maybe." Roxy groaned at that.

"Six hours??? I have school today, man, I can't be trippin' during school!"

"Just skip, hang with us, we're cool," Lucille replied from the kitchen.

"Guhhh, the school's gonna call my grandma and she's gonna be pissed," Roxy said as Lucille walked out of the kitchen, handing Cotton Candy Faygo to the two teens.

"God, your grandma's a dick, isn't she like a huge bigot or something," Lucille asked, sitting between the two.

"Yeah, she refuses to use my correct pronouns," Roxy replied, sipping her wicked elixir.

"Gay," Raine added, laughing at the sentiment.

"Just like your mom, bitch," Lucille chuckled as she began to chug her soda.

"Hey- Raine?"

"What's up, Rox?"

"Are you ever gonna introduce us to your sister?" Roxy asked, "I heard you mention she's around my age and you know how I'm single and a lesbian."

"Are you trying to get with my sister?" Raine replied, chuckling.

"Well, if you want me to..."

"Roxy I am going to kill you," Raine said, getting up, and heading towards Lucille's room.

"Hey! Don't touch my porno mags," Lucille yelled to Raine, worsening her hangover.

"What are you, 30?" Roxy laughs, "Who the fuck has porn magazines, it's 2019, the internet is free."

"It's a joke, ya doofus," Lucille replies, playfully punching Roxy's arm. Raine comes out of Lucille's room, wielding a 30kg inflatable hammer they had won at a carnival that summer.

After a few more hours of tomfoolery and dumbassery, Raine and Roxy both left for school.

That was the last time they ever saw each other.