April 10, 2022

Harmonia retrieves her phone, and she can hear someone who walked up and is now standing outside the room. Harmonia looks up, calling out,


Computer guy opens the door and goes to walk in. Harmonia watches him, "Oh hi"

It leaves the door open and stands there. Harmonia tilts her head, taking a drag on the blunt she stole from Apollo. It watches.

"Uh... do you want some?" She offers it to him. It stares at it a moment before picking it up and then dinking it on the screen, leaving a smudge. It stares at the blunt, confused. Harmonia giggles, "You need a mouth." She points to hers. It puts a hand on the screen and pats, its talons tink on the glass. She tries to gently take the blunt back, "Its okay."

The nightjar Harmonia rescued is just vibing. Harmonia is able to take the blunt without any issues, and the computer guy uses both hands to pat at the screen as if looking for a mouth.

"Are you okay?" She asks, tilting her head. It pauses and looks at her. Harmonia asks, "Can you understand me? Nod if yes"

It does a small nod.

"Are you supposed to have a mouth? Nod if yes, shake head if no," Harmonia shakes her head to demonstrate.

It pauses as if thinking.

Harmonia waits, but it never responds.

"Um.... so... do you like gay people?" Harmonia asks.

It tilts its head slightly.

She points to herself, "I'm gay"

It pauses in thought before nodding.

"Win! My name is Harmonia though. Do you have a name?"

It just stares.


It stares.

"Um... can I give you a name then?"

It thinks a moment, then nods!

"Hmmmm.... how about Sparrow?"

It thinks a moment then nods!

"Cool!!!" Harmonia smiles and pats her bed, "Wanna sit with me?"

It walks over and sits down, the USB cable tail flicks at the end, like a cat. Harmonia smiles at it and starts showing it cute videos of different animals on her phone. Sparrow leans in on the phone as it watches. Harmonia smokes as she watches too, smiling happily. It makes a whistle sound as the nightjar flies over next to it. Sparrow lets the nightjar climb onto its hand as it holds the nightjar infront of the phone, as if trying to show it the phone! But the nightjar just doesn't watch it. Harmonia pets the nightjar.

The nightjar vibes as Sparrow taps the screen with a claw as if trying to get the birds attention. It seems frustrated as it gently tries to push the nightjars face to face the screen. Enoch makes a pirate hat appear for some reason idk. Harmonia places it on Sparrows head. It slides off the computer and lands on the nightjar as Sparrow jumps!

"No!" Harmonia takes the hat and puts it on her head. The nightjar gets up and ruffles its feathers as Sparrow leans in on it, inspecting it. Harmonia pets the nightjar again. The nightjar vibes as Sparrow keeps watching it. Harmonia hears a slight electrical sound from inside the comupter as Sparrow twitches.

"Are you okay?" She tilts her head. It looks over at her and stares. She pats their head. Thunk thunk. Pat pat. Thunk thunk. She giggles and pats it more! It's covered in dirt and dust, the more she pats its head the more that ends up on her hands.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm," Harmonia sets her phone down, "Be right back." She goes to the kitchen and washes her hands before dampening a towel and returning. She starts wiping its head off gently. Under the dirt, the computer is pristine white. She tries to get all the dirt off, grabbing multiple towels if needed. When the computer is completely clean, she can clearly see the vents and an orange and yellow stripe. Harmonia notes it and continues to show it more tiktoks. She puts a hand near the vent to see if there's air coming out. It's gently sucking air in. Harmonia notes it and pulls her hand away. The nightjar flies up onto the computer looking at it now that its all clean.

Harmonias very high now and giggles, blowing smoke into the fans. Sparrow doesnt notice at first as it watches the tiktoks. After a while, Sparrow looks over at Harmonia. One of the dots occasionally glitching as it slowly slides down the screen. Harmonia giggles and boops the screen. Sparrow sways a bit from the boop. She pats his head. Thunk thunk. She hugs it, smiling happily. Its fur feels matted, overgrown, and filthy. It feels warmer as its tail sways side to side.

Harmonia purrs gently, hugging and petting Sparrow, "Friemd." She can hear an electric sound inside the head as it twitches. Sparrow tries to get up but seems sluggish. Harmonia lets go of him. Sparrow heads into the hallway stumbling a bit.

Sparrow wobbles into the guest room as it scans his surroundings. He stumbles over to the closet as he twitches again. it opens the closet and then takes quite a bit of time trying to get up into the attic. Harmonia walks in and grabs Sparrows legs, trying to pull him into the room. She pulls Sparrow down as he falls to his hands and knees, coughing.

"Are you okay?"

Sparrow keeps coughing, it sounds horrid. The coughing starts to slow, as in between coughing fits, he gasps for air. It uses the wall to pull itself up on its feet as it struggles to stand. Sparrow is shaking some as you get a slight scent of blood.

Harmonia helps him stand, and the smell slowly gets stronger as Sparrow puts a hand on his screen. Harmonia tries to gently lift the screen off him. A stream of blood runs down from Sparrow's neck as it tries to pull the screen back down, it only moved a centameter before feeling like it was tugging on something.

Harmonia lets go, "Ssorry"

It puts a hand around its neck and lets go as it looks down at the blood, it then looks over at Harmonia, then at the door before starting to walk out of the room. Harmonia follows.

Sparrow walks into the bathroom and glances around. Sparrow walks over to the sink and turns it on. Sparrow then goes to put his head under the running faucet so that water goes into the vents. Harmonia watches. There's a spark sound as Sparrow twitches. Harmonia can hear the computer slowly filling with water. When its, full Sparrow tilts its head on its side as a mix of water dirt and blood starts pouring out. Just about the time the computer head should be drained of all the water Sparrow freezes in place a moment. There's a crawling sound in the computer head as Sparrow nearly jumps out of their skin and starts sprinting with their hands on the screen. The computer head sprints into the room but trips and falls screen first on the ground.

Spider gets up and walks over to Sparrow, "I see they're back"

Sparrow sits up quickly and starts shaking their head as if trying to get something to fall out of the vents, Sparrow seems to be panicking. Spider tilts her head slightly before whacking them on the side on the computer trying to get whatever it is out. A small bug falls out as Sparrow backs away from it while trying to catch their breath. She grabs the bug examining it. Just a bug, must have been from the forest.

"Whatcha think Spider?"

"I mean it's just a bug, no harm in letting it go right?"

"I mean it's just a bug. It belongs in the forest." Luna shrugs. Sparrow sits down and sighs. Spider sighs, tossing the bug out the window before heading over to Sparrow and attempting to pull the computer off.

"Uhhh, what are you doing?"

"Seeing if it's like Tosh"

"Just be careful." Luna says. Spider can only pull it up a centimeter before it tugs on something and Sparrow tries to pull it back down, some blood drips from their neck.

"What the... Red blood. So not a hadal."

She tugs it gentler this time, testing whatever it is connecting it. Sparrow tries to keep it down as it swats her hands with one hand, trying to get her to stop.

"I think it wants you to stop."

She pulls harder this time ignoring Sparrow. Sparrow lets go but begins clawing at Spider, trying to get her to stop, it seems caught on something. She continues ignoring him and wiggles the computer while tugging on it trying to uncatch it. More blood begins poursing from the neck as Sparrow keeps clawing. Spider continues tugging as Luna watches in horror. There's a spark sound as the neck is suddenly torn from Sparrow's body and the screen shuts off, the body falling over.


"Yeah you said it"

"I think you might have just killed a computer."

Spider examines the computer head in her hands, "Eh I'm sure it'll be fine, these things always are"

"I sure hope so."

She sighs and looks down at the headless corpse, examining the black fur, "Now, do you know what's weird about this?"

"What is it?"

"How easily this came off, and why it was on there in the first place"

"I mean there was talk of an inhibitor within the three corrupted files Cole found. Speech muscles, Inhibitor, and long-term memory," Luna says, "I'm predicting that because the speech muscles file was corrupted, that explains why it was mute. Anyway, black fur and a fear of bugs. Sounds... almost familiar."

"I dunno about you but I say we smash this open," Spider looks at the computer in her hands thoughtfully, "Cause I highly doubt this person was a cyborg type"

Harmonia walks in, eyes widening, "W-what the hell-"

"I didn't do it." Luna says.

"Shit, hello Harm," Spider says.

"What- what happened-" Harmonia's shaking.

"Let's just say an experiment gone wrong for now, are you ok?" Spider asks.

"Is... are.. is Sparrow dead???" Harmonia asks.

"Sparrow? Oh was that its name?" Luna asks.

"Well considering most things can't survive without a head.." Spider sighs.

"Spider wanted to take the screen off but um," Luna says.

Harmonia just runs away and out of the house.

"Fuck," Spider sighs.

Knight walks in- “Oh, a dead body.”

"Experiment gone wrong, ignore it"

“Can I try to heal them?” Knight asks nervously.

"Please do."

"Fine," Spider sighs.

Knight walks over to the computer person and tries to heal them. Nothing happens.


“It was worth a shot,” Knight shrugs.

Luna sighs then returns to her notes, "The fear of bugs reminds me of Drake. Like she was deathly afraid of even the smallest ladybird."

"Yeah, this can't be Drake though," Spider says, "Clean blooded and black fur"

"Correct. She had purple hadal blood and peppered dark grey fur," Luna says, "I was predicting Charlie, but she was albino."

Orpheus walks into the room, soaking wet with hose water. He stops. And stares at the corpse. And looks at everyone, "What... happened here."

"Experiment gone wrong," Luna says.


"In the hood, at 3am," chuckles Luna.

"Never you mind," Spider says.

“Yeah…” Knight says, "Spider wanted to see if the computer head was like Toshiba, where it's like a hat they wear."

"Nono, don't fucking joke here," Orpheus sounds pissed off, "Experiment? Did they attack you? What about killing this... thing is an experiment??? YOU TORE THEIR FUCKING HEAD OFF?" He seems repulsed.

"I even told you to stop."

Orpheus looks to Luna, "Told??"

"Yes. Told."


"Please don't yell at me," Luna asks.

"I can assure you that if you don't stop yelling it will be you next," Spider winces from the yelling.

“Spider don’t you fucking dare,” Knight says.

"Seriously. Just please drop it Spider," Luna says.

"I'll be next? Don't yell at me?" He is absolutely enraged, "You guys are fucking fools. No, Knight, shut the FUCK up. Drop it? You people obviously don't get it."

"Yes please."

"First of fucking all. Luna."

"Yes?" Luna sounds really annoyed.

"You are an accomplice to murder."

"Get off your fucking high horse," Spider says, "You were perfectly fine with eating Drake, what's the difference between that and this eh?"


"I've killed hundreds," Luna sighs.

"If Cole did this he would've been kicked out of the fucking house." Orpheus yells, "Yeah? Yeah? Did they attack you?"

"Holy fuck, can you please stop yelling?" Luna grunts.

"Harmonia ran into the woods crying. And, NO!" Orpheus yells, "You DESERVE THE FUCKING PAIN for KILLING SOMEONE FRIENDLY, PERMANENTLY and acting like it's OKAY."

"Who the hell said I think it's okay?" Luna asks, "You're the one making fuckin assumptions here."

"You did nothing to stop her except ask her to stop."

"Seriously dude, get off your high horse."


"I told you not to bring hadal masks home and yet you did." Luna says, "I don't want to fight you. I'm nowhere near the mood."

"Here we go.." Spider sighs, mumbling to herself.

"Oh my god. Actual fucking children. Are you serious?" Orpheus asks, "This isn't a fight. This isn't an argument. You're being fucking reprimanded for murder."

"I don't give a shit if you're in the mood," Orpheus says.

"And since when did you give a shit?" Spider asks.


Black smoke forms and takes the shape of Cole in a instant, "You fucking idiots did what?"

"That's rich," Spider says.

"Oh I'm rich!" Cole says, "You fucking killed someone that was friendly and you're acting like this was a non issue, which, NEWS FLASH, it ISN'T!"

"I wish I had stopped her further."


"Okay." Luna says. "You're right. Fair enough."

"Jesus christ, fucking experiment gone wrong?" Cole asks, "What are you fuckers, the Foundation?"

Spider drops the head, "Fuck this," she disappears.

Luna stays, "It was a bad joke."

"If I did this I would have been kicked out," Cole laughs humorlessly, "You fuckers are letting Spider go free because waaaa waaa experiment gone wrong!"

"A BAD JOKE?" Orpheus yells.

Apollo appears in a flash of green distortion. "So whose blood do I need to let drain like a fucking plague doctor?"


Luna just rolls her eyes, "Cole, you have no right."


"Since when did you have morals?"


"And this was all an accident," Luna says.

"Luna, Please for the love of God Shut Up," Knight says.

"What do you want me to fuckin do?" Luna asks.

Apollo looks down at the corpse. "I don't fucking know, man, that shit looks like a pretty defenseless animal to me. Did this fucking thing even attack you?"

Luna asks, "Want me to fuckin escape like Spider?"


Orpheus walks up to Luna and grabs her by the shirt, "ARE YOU FUCKING DENSE? AN ACCIDENT? YOU WATCHED IT HAPPEN. AND DID NOTHING TO STOP IT. HARMONIA IS CRYING IN THE WOODS BECAUSE OF YOU. You did something Cole would get kicked out for and you want NO REPERCUSSIONS? You leave this room and you are never coming back." Orpheus is seething like nobody in the room has ever seen before.


"I might be a son-of-a-bitch, but I don't hurt animals. Can't say the same for you two. Who was the one who actually did this shit?" Apollo asks.

"Spider did," Cole says.

"Cunts." Luna says.

"IM A CUNT?" Orpheus asks.

"Just please leave me alone."

"Right. Someone get me a bucket, I have some 16th century medicine to do." Apollo says.


Apollo steals a pot from the kitchen and looks at Orpheus, "You wanna come too?"

"Leave you alone??? LEAVE YOU ALONE????" Orpheus's eyes are flickering between black/green and white/green, white/green and black/green, and black/green and black/green. He seems ready to kill.


"...Ooookaaay, guess not." Apollo disappears to go look for Spider.

"That's all I ask so I can form an argument and an apology."


"Can you please stop yelling?" Luna asks, "I hear you just fine."

He slaps Luna across the face and drops her, "I hope you have a fucking heart attack." He disappears in a burst of pollen.