December 14, 2021

Adam clumsily climbed the tree to the roof, laying down in a star position and just giving a shaky breath. Todays been a lot, and its still too early.

Adam looks starkly at the crimson red sky, a constant reminder of how far from home he was. He could walk, drive, anything, and it wouldn't be enough to get back to his apartment, the one place he felt safe. Where he could spend his days and nights, indulging the internet, relaxing. Now it was constant stress, Gods this, Nightmares that. The only solice he had were brief moments of pure loneliness. Those hours of solitude where he felt a sense of comfort were gone, now the hours he spent in the basement or on the back porch felt so empty. He genuinely had no idea what to do anymore. His one area of comfort was ripped from him, leaving him in the apocalypse with nothing but a house and people he barely knew.

Adam gets back up to head off of the roof an back inside, attempting to grab the tree to climb down. But whoops! He slips and falls to the ground. A loud thump as he hits the floor, and he groans and curls up, nice try ginger boy.

December 15, 2021

Adam's back here, climbing up to the roof, ignoring the labored breathing and pain from his chest. He lays down on the roof and pulls out the pills he'd stolen from Code when he was just arriving, just looking at them. Spider appears on the other side of the roof, holding a knife.

Adam turns to look at her briefly, “Ah- I can leave, if that's convinient-“

"Why would that be convenient?" Spider asks, turning to look at him.

“Oh- uh- I don't know- I assumed that if you came up here, you might've wanted to be alone… one of the only quiet places around here…”

"You aren't doing anything to me, and if I wanted to be alone I'd be a million miles away by now," Spider shrugs.

“Fair enough. Can I- ask why youre up here? If thays not too prying?”

"I like being up high, yourself?"

“Quiet. Things dont seem to be so chaotic up here, I can be alone with my thoughts.” Adam slips the pills back into his pocket.

"Yeah, this is the best place in the house for that reason.." Spider sees him move something into his pocket, "What's that?"

“Oh- these are the pills I had to take from Code one time…” He pulls it back out out of fear of Spider.

"I see," Spider rolls her eyes at him and twirls the blade.

“What about it-?” Adam asks. Spider shrugs, not saying anything. Adam tucks them back up and looked at the sky, “Its a nice night…” Adam slowly and carefully climbs back down, heading inside, not falling this time.