April 8, 2022

Ari begins to walk through the woods.

They can hear something following them.

Ari turns around, expecting to see the Furby spider. “Who is that??”

In some bushes, they can see 3 lights, blue, green, and red.

Ari tilts her head and slowly approaches them. “What are you??”

It stays still as she can faintly make out the screen displaying the lights coming from an old white computer.

Ari tries to move closer to the screen to see what is on it.

It only displays the 3 dots as it starts to move closer.

Ari moves back an inch before pausing, after a moment reaching out to try and touch the red dot.

They touch a cold glass screen as it steps out from the bushes. Its head is an old worn white computer with an orange and yellow curved stripe. it has a built-in keyboard that juts out. the head however is upsidedown as the keyboard looks more like a visor from this angle. the rest of its body is dark and difficult to make out.

Ari looks at it confused. “Oh, you're like- not just a TV. Hello?”

It stays still quietly watching, a few nightjars are watching from their perch on its head.

Ari looks up at the birds. “Nice pets, do they have names?”

It stays quiet. A nightjar screeches.

Ari watches it for a moment before his tail lengthens, and he moves to wrap himself up a tree and orient himself to hang right in front of the nightjar. "Who's a good boy?" He reaches out to gently pet it.

The nightjar tries to bite at him.

Ari pulls its hand away. "Bad! No biting.” It shifts its attention to the keyboard as it shifts itself upside down with little problem, trying to type ‘hello?’ onto the keyboard.

The nightjar flies off. It clacks like any old keyboard should but nothing happens.

They reorient themselves directly in front of the screen. "Can you talk?"

There's no response, but from here she can hear the slight hum of the screen and see a red wire coming out of the computer.

Ari pokes at the red wire.

It swings a bit. They can see it leads to something on its arm.

Ari takes it gently between two claws and follows it down to its endpoint.

It's loosely tied onto its arm. The end of the wire has a small black box with a USB port on it. The head moves slightly to watch.

"...huh. I wonder if I could get a flash drive." They take out their phone and text Enoch.

With the ding of a bell, a flash drive flies through the air and hits Arimidex on the cheek.

Ari flinches and bends down to grab it, before moving to plug it in.

It backs up while snatching the port away from Ari before the flash drive could be plugged in. It has rough forearms and hands like a bird with long talons.

Ari backs up and tilts her head. "Heh? What's the issue?"

A great horned owl and a few screech owls land on tree branches nearby, watching.

Ari looks around. "Well, that's not threatening at all." He unassumingly tries to get a little closer to the USB port.

It takes another step back, still holding the port in its talons as it watches them.

"C’mon, I'm not trying to hurt you. Just let me see what happens."

It stays, still watching intently.

Ari pauses. "I wonder...." His eyes shift to spirals.

It stays still, watching.

Zey move slightly closer to the screen. "Do you like them? I find them quite nice to look at, to get lost in."

It stays still.

"And what about my voice? What do you think about it? It's like it just slips right into your thoughts, you trust it, right? You trust me to tell you the truth."

It doesn't move any but isn't backing away either. However, it stays quiet.

"Doesn't that port just feel so wrong in your hands? Do you really trust yourself with it? What if something happens to it, what if you drop it? I don't think it's safe with you." Ari says.

After a moment its hands start to relax some. It hesitates before starting to hold out the port to Ari.

Ari takes it, smiling. "There you go, that's much better. Allow yourself to just relax now, you feel so much better now that you don't have to think about that. In fact, you don't have to think about anything, just let me handle all the thinking for now, ok?"

Its arms relax down to its sides as its head tilts forward slightly.

Ari pats its computer head, before looking back at the port, moving to insert the flash drive.

The screen doesn't change as the flash drive instantly starts getting warmer.

Ari holds the flash drive a little away from it as they keep a close eye.

They can faintly tell that it's calmly breathing. The flash drive is getting warmer.

Ari pats the computer's head absentmindedly. "Who’s a good boy..."

Ari hears the swish of something like a tail wag graze the ground behind it. Also, the computer is filthy, they have dust and dirt on their hands now.

Ari continues petting, not seeming to mind the filth that much. "Awwww, you like that?"

They can see a long thin black tail wag faster.

“You're just like that one… Eggory? I know he had a different name… didn't have a TV head though.” Ari says.

The flash drive is becoming scorching hot to the touch.

Ari sets it on the ground, letting it run as they continue to pet it.

The flash drive is starting to melt. It sparks and sets a tiny flame.

Ari yelps and tries to slap it out with their tail.

The flame is put out. The flash drive has been destroyed but the USB port seems fine.

Ari’s eyes fade back to normal as she looks at the flash drive. “Oh damn…”

The tail slows to a stop and she can see it better. On the end of the tail is a USB cable. It looks over at the port on the ground.

“…oh.” Ari reaches out for the tail.

As Ari gets the tail, it picks up the port and doesn't seem to notice her grabbing its tail.

Ari shows the tail to it. “Can I plug it in?”

It doesn’t react as it keeps the port in its talons.

Ari holds out a hand. “Please?”

It takes a step back.

Ari sighs, spirals fading back in. “How about you look at my eyes again, instead?

It watches as Ari can tell it's starting to relax a bit again.

“Remember that calming place? Just let yourself sink back into that, trusting my words.”

Its grip on the port loosens as its breathing becomes calm again.

Ari looks to the port. “Hey now, what's that doing in your hands again, I thought we agreed for me to hold it!”

It holds out the port to Ari.

Ari takes it, petting it. “Thank you!! Who’s a good computer head!”

The tail wags some.

Xe turns xeir attention to the USBs, plugging the tail in.

As soon as they plug it in it bursts in blinding light and sparks as the creature jumps and falls on its side with a heavy thunk as it twitches.

“OH SHIT-“ Ari leaps back. “Are you- ok???”

It begins seemingly having a seizure as the screen flashes white.

Ari hastily pulls the tail out. “Shit sorry sorry sorry sorry-”

It stops moving as much as some smoke rises from the vents of the head and the screen flickers some. The tail and the port both feel warm.

Ari comes down from the tree and moves down to its height, setting a hand on it. “I'm right here- I'm sorry-“

The flickers suddenly stop as it goes to a black screen, it remains limp on the ground and the computer head feels really hot to the touch.

“Oh jeez…” Ari sits by it, petting its head.

They feel a nightjar peck at the back of their head as it screeches.

Ari flinches and turns around. “It was an accident!”

It screeches as another nightjar flies it and joins in pecking at Ari.

Ari tries to wave them off. “Let me see if it's ok!!”

They avoid Ari's hands but keep trying to peck at him.

Ari sighs and stands up, moving to leave. “Alright alright!”

The nightjars land and screech as one of them flies and lands on the screen and taps the glass.

Ari heads back to Apollo’s.


A bit later, there's a flash of green distortion as Spider appears in the section of woods near Harm's house, she looks around for Luna.

Luna is flying through the branches having a lot of fun while looking for the computer head. She does spot Spider, however. In doing so, she lands on the ground to greet them. "Hey."

Spider looks like an exhausted mess really it's a miracle she's still going.

"Hey, so let's go bird watching.” Spider chuckles.

"Alrighty. Hopefully this time I don't get bloodied up."

"Hopefully.” Spider starts walking, using her senses to find any tracks of the birds or the computer head.

Luna follows.

They come across the computer head laying motionless on the ground.

A few nightjars are hopping around pecking at it seemingly unsure what to do.

"Holy crap," Luna says.

"Hm.” Spider heads over to it, inspecting the computer head.

Luna follows.

It's not waking up for a while.

"So, what do you wanna do with it?" Spider asks. “Cause I doubt it's dead"

"Uhhh I'm not sure. Definitely, a lot of nightjars over here, so they're connected to whatever this thing is. Should we bring it back to Harmonia's?" Luna asks.

"Sounds good."

"Alrighty. You wanna snap us over or should I fast travel it?" Luna asks.

"I can do it, just give me a sec,” Spider says.


Spider takes a deep breath and snaps her fingers, the three disappear in a flash of green distortion, to Harmonia’s living room.

The three appear in the living room in a flash of green distortion.

"I will never get used to your brand of teleports," Luna says.

Cole is still giggling like an idiot.

Luna giggles lightheartedly.

“Charming as ever, Lunes.” Spider looks close to passing out now.

"You might want to get some rest Spi. You're looking really tired."

"Take a nap speed racer,” Cole says giggly and giddy.

"Nah, I'll be fiine-”

"I dunno Spider," Luna says.

"You look like me when my battery is on 2%.” Cole says.


Spider flips Cole off, distortion flicking over her arms.

"I'm not wrong, Spider.” Cole chuckles.

"You're always wrong.." Spider sighs and flops down on the sofa mumbling to herself.

"Anyway Cole, meet computer head. It's sorta knocked the fuck out." Luna says.

Spider is now just passed out on the sofa, she's sitting up though so there's still room.

"I’ve already met them, but I have an idea,” Cole says.


"You know how I can connect to electronic devices?" Cole asks.

The computer guy is still limp. There is a slight smell of smoke coming from the vents.

"Yeah... oh no, you're gonna connect to it aren't you?" Luna asks.


“That’s how you get a virus,” Knight says.

Luna sighs. "Sure go for it. You're probably gonna get a virus though. We don't know where this thing has been... though something about it worries me."

Cole tries to Bluetooth connect to the computer guy with a Windows device connected noise.

"The fact that nightjars exist in both the non feral world and ours is odd. And this computer dude had nightjars all around it." Luna says. "Uhhh do you need a USB cable?"

"Fuck- uhmmmmmmm no, I got one.” Cole snaps and a USB to USB-c cable appears in cole's hand and he plugs in the USB end.

Cole plugs in the USB-c end into a spot under his connector and makes the Windows device connected noise. Cole sighs, stands, and tries to turn the computer on.

"Hope this works," Luna says.

They can hear an old ass computer booting up as the screen flickers on and the body flinches. The screen is blank and sometimes glitches slightly.

“Damn this thing is old.” Cole sits down next to it.

Luna grabs her laptop and sits on the couch watching Cole do his thing

Enoch and Harmonia appear and then Enoch immediately disappears.

Harmonia just stands there. "Hi."

Cole is zoned out.

"Hey. We got computer face.” Luna says.

The computer shuts off again and is still a moment before it flinches again and the screen cuts on, its three dots that blink on and off.

"Three dots?" Luna asks.

"Oh.” Harmonia looks at it.

"Wait hang on."

It suddenly sits up and looks around, breathing heavily. It tries to pull the port cord away from Cole as it scrambles onto its feet and backs away.

"Holy shit," Luna says, referring to the dots. "It is the same thing."

Harmonia watches, confused. She sits on the couch.

"Harmonia, is this what you saw after you took Jack's eyes?" Luna asks.

"Um.... it was really dark... but the same lights, yeah.” Harmonia says.

Cole zones back in and groans. "It fuckin kicked me out,”

It glances around before running to the hallway while keeping ahold of the port wire.

Computer guy runs into the hall.

Cole is following the computer guy.

It's looking around, seemingly confused.

"Is something wrong?" Cole asks.

The computer head dashes into Harmonia's room and runs straight for the window but hits it with a bonk and falls back onto the floor.

Cole follows and sighs. “Are you alright?"

Luna enters. "Well, that explains the bonk sound."

It shakes its head before trying to get up.

Luna gives it a hand and tries to help it up. "Here.”

It gets up on its own and backs away from her.

Luna gets back as well. "Sorry about that."

It goes to tie the port back onto its arm with a cloth.

"Hmm. I wonder." Luna takes a deep breath and speaks something. It sounds like wowowowo to everyone else.

"▙▛ ▜▚ ▛▞ ▛▞ ▟▙ ▙▜ ▜▙ ▙▛"//GREETING

Luna is curious if whoever this computer head is is similar to the glitchy friends.

It ignores her and goes to the window and looks around at it.

Luna shrugs. "Guess not.” She watches.

It manages to get the window open and tries to step out but can't seem to fit.

"Oh, I see. You want to leave. Um. Okay." Luna tries to put her hand on the entity's back.

It pauses and looks at her, it feels like matted fur and dirt.

"I'll take you back to the forest. Okay?"

The entity and Luna disappear.

The computer-headed entity and Luna appear somewhere in the forest.

It flinches at the sudden change and glances around.

"Uhhh sorry about that. I'm guessing that was your first time fast traveling." Luna keeps her distance but continues to watch the entity.

After it glances around, it watches Luna.

She watches back like a goof. "Um okay uhhhhh I guess I'll see ya later or something..." And with that, Luna disappears.

It wanders. ---------------

The next day, 4.9.22.

The computer head had wandered into the backyard and sits down near the porch facing the door.

Looking through the backdoor, Luna sees the computer head entity once again.

Luna walks out once more, sitting on the patio. Her laptop is there too. "Hey there."

It looks over at her and watches her.

Luna’s just busy typing away. "Oop um, hey there. Do you have a name?"

It stares.

"Huh. You remind me of Eggory, the way you stare."

Cole appears behind the computer head. "Gib files,”

"Huh!?" Luna exclaims.

It jumps and stumbles a few feet away from Cole.

"Jeez Cole, did you have to scare it?" Luna asks.

"I want files.” Cole walks toward the computer head.

It grabs the port and holds it close.

"Can't you ask nicely?" Luna asks.


"It's clearly uncomfortable with your actions." Luna says.

Cole does puppy eyes at the computer head. "Pleeeeeeb give files.”

It stays still.

Cole takes a step closer and holds the USB-c cable from earlier in his hand. "Pleeeeeb I’m being nice-”

It takes a step back.

"Luna I tried being nice now what?" Cole asks.

"I'm getting the sense that it's scared of you," Luna says. "Not to mention, I don't think it has USB 3.0."

"It worked yesterday so why wouldn't it work now.” Cole takes another step as he gets ready to tackle them.

It takes another step back.

"I can always tackle them,” Cole says. “Fuck it we ball.” Cole tries to tackle the computer head and plug in his cable.

Luna facepalms. "Sorry computer dude!"

It’s tackled and hits the ground with a thud but it keeps its talons around the port tightly and tries to keep it out of reach.

Cole grabs their talons and rips them away from the port as he tries to plug it in again.

Cole plugs it in as the computer guy keeps trying to stop him.

"Cole, I really don't think it wants you to have the files!" Luna protests.

Cole keeps their talons away. "I need to fucking know.”

"Or it has no files at all and you just stuck a cable into its body."

"I fucking know it does.”

"How do you know?" Luna asks. "Like look, I'm not a computer myself, so I don't understand how you're able to tell."

"Every computer has its files."

"What if this computer isn't even a computer?" Luna asks. "What if it's like Toshiba and just wears a monitor on its head?"

They hear a short quick whistle sound come from the computer.

"Then oh well,” Cole says.

A great horned owl swoops in from the trees and claws at Cole's head.

"Have fun with that. I'm just gonna keep typing..." Luna says.

Cole groans.

The owl is trying its best to fight.

Cole does not care about the owl and doesn't seem to be showing pain.

Cole unplugs his cable and gets off of the computer head. "See was it that hard?"

"Did you end up getting something?" Luna asks.

The computer guy gets up and takes some steps back as the owl flies onto the edge of the computer and watches them.

Luna's minding her own business, mostly cuz she doesn't want to get hurt

"Just wanted to see what they had.” Cole stands and his wounds heal.

"And what did they have?" Luna asks.

"Just general robot stuff."

"So they are a robot?? But they have fur?" Luna asks. "And what do you mean 'general robot stuff?'"

"Speech files and touch and such not really anything of note." Cole sits down.

"Speech files? But it's mute." Luna says. "Why would it have speech files?"

"There are corrupted files and that is one of them,” Cole says.

"Are all of the files corrupted?" Luna asks.

"No, just some of them.” Cole responds.

"Which ones aren't? Sorry for all the questions but I've learned to not take anything for granted from the non-feral World."

"It’s easier to list the ones that aren't, long-term memory, speech muscles, and inhibitor or something,” Cole says.

"Inhibitor? That's different. What does it say?" Luna asks.

"It’s corrupted, it wouldn't let me see.”

"Oh, I see. LT Memory, speech muscles, and inhibitor are all corrupted. I got confused." Luna says.

"Don't worry it's fine.”

"Okay. So do any of those documents that aren't corrupted say where this entity came from?" Luna asks. "There's at least a copy of it over in the non-feral world. Either that or it world hopped."

"No, it didn't have documents of where it came from,” Cole says.

"Aww. Okay, no problem."

Cole fiddles with his shirt.

t's standing there still holding the port as it watches their conversation.

"So seeing how its speech muscles are corrupted, that probably explains why it can't speak. And we have no one who can Alter on hand." Luna says.

"I mean…”

"...oh right, you technically can. Just in a different way."

"No, I mean going to drake's house and seeing what's up.”

"Oh right," Luna says.


"Um. Do we even have access to Drake's place still?" Luna asks.

“Who knows?"

"With DATRRS gone and whatnot."

"I have an idea,” Cole says.

"What is it?" Luna asks.

Cole disappears.

"...man, you could've taken me too. Lemme guess infinite drive-thru. Hopefully, she still has that."

Later, with the knowledge that Cole is in blood-frenzy mode, Luna claps her hands. Her notepad and a marker appear just in case she needs to summon a certain glitchy friend.

It sits down in the grass as it gives a whistle, a nightjar lands on its arm as it gently pets it.