Rham turns the microphone back on. "Alright. Time for the first fight of this new round! Cole and Oleander versus Orpheus and Arimidex!" He looks at Cole and Oleander. "Are you two down there ready?"

L1MB0 looks over to Ari and Orpheus next to Lilith on her private platform.

Orpheus stands and taps Ari on the shoulder, giving L1MB0 a thumbs up.

Cole looks over at Rham and nods "Ready like.....ready....ready like Betty!"

Oleander nods. "Mhm."

Raine watches eagerly. Ari gives a thumbs up as well, scrounging around for his weapons. Raine stares at Ari.

Luna and Hinata cheer on Cole and Oleander loudly.

L1MB0 snaps. The illusion goes up.

The teams appear on opposing sides of a neon-lighted Strip Club Casino Thing. Although, the decor is strangely churchy? And the windows feature church-like stained glass murals with Slenderman in the position of Jesus Christ in the leadup to the crucifixion. Strange, clashing design choices, L1MB0. Boo. There are stripper poles by the way.

Orpheus takes out his axe, doing some funny little spinning tricks while staring at Cole.

Cole's jacket rips as metal strips form 2 hatchets in each of his paws and twirls them in his paws while staring at Orpheus.

Oleander looks to Ari, figuring that Cole and Orpheus would go toe to toe. He couldn’t help but feel nervous. He was used to fighting beings stronger than him, yes, but when he did, he was intending to kill them. Ari would be different. Part of him was nervous that he might go too far. He summons his sword and takes up a defensive stance.

Ari feels out the weight of her bat with a few faux swings before bouncing it lightly in one claw, a toothy grin as she looks down at Oleander. "Fancy magic sword... Can I see?!" Ari gives a playful hiss and lunges out towards Oleander, bat swinging quickly to hit him square in the gut.


Orpheus runs towards Cole.

"Not magic." Oleander's blade meets the bat, attempting to slice it in half.

Cole holds his ground and aims a slash at Orpheus's ax-wielding arm

Orpheus tosses his ax to his offhand and goes for Cole's leg, taking the hit to his arm on purpose.

Cole snarls and stumbles as he's hit with the ax, taking a second to regain his footing

The blade digs into the wood of the bat, splinters flying off towards the both of them, but largely harmlessly tumbling against Ari's scales. Vey tries to yank the bat and sword towards them to knock Oleander off balance while a thick portion of Ari's tail swings around to sweep at Oleander's feet.

Orpheus tries to kick out Cole's other leg while preparing to breathe fire.

Cole walks over to Orpheus and holds his muzzle closed while staring him in the eyes.

Oleander falls, yanking the sword out of the bat and holding it above his head.

Ari's tail quickly begins working to entangle itself around Oleander as Ari moves to swing the chipped bat at him again.

Orpheus begins blowing out a large amount of blisteringly hot smoke and some sparks of flame from his nostrils, beginning to sob profusely while grabbing Cole's arms and trying to kick him in the BALLS.

Cole is kicked in the balls as he screams then gags and spits out a glob of boiling tar at Orpheus's chest.

Oleander moves to block it again with his sword, struggling and trying to get up. However, Ari is able to capture him.

Orpheus yells loudly in pain while breathing and coughing out a shitton of hot smoke. He rips his shirt off to get rid of the tar.

Lock stares a moment and quickly looks away

"That's what you get for kicking me in the Garnet family gems." Cole turns and starts sprinting to the stripper poles.

Ari begins tangling Oleander up in their tail, quickly starting to squeeze tight and try to lift him off the ground. The sword lands in the bat again. Ari makes no move to remove the bat from the sword. "Y'know I'm not a dragon, a sword is sort of archaic."

Orpheus takes a hot moment to clear out his lungs of a majority of the smoke, squinting at Cole. "Are you going to DANCE?!?!"

"....no" Cole puts his hands on his hips. "I HAVE A BETTER PLAN!”

Orpheus throws his ax at him.

The ax hits him in the chest followed by a loud crunch as Cole's ribs are broken "...." Cole lets out a pain-filled howl then stares at Orpheus.

Oleander is lifted and struggles. "It’s what I- learned to use-" He says between struggling breaths.

Orpheus stares at Cole like he just got caught breaking the cookie jar.

The tail around Oleander tightens and slowly thickens up before the patterns on the tail start glowing and flashing wildly. Attracting everyone who looks at its attention and focus. "I mean it's cool but is a sword all you learned?" Ari has taken to a casual conversation during Bloodsport.

"I dunno it's what they trained me in??" Oleander blinks. Wow, that's disorienting!!!

Cole drops the hatchet and sprints at Orpheus. "COME HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT!" He tries to latch onto Orpheus's leg.

Both Luna and Hinata aren't watching the fight. They turned away.

Orpheus scampers backward while breathing fire at Cole. Until he trips on a chair and eats shit, falling ass-first onto the ceramic floor.

Cole snarls and screams at the fire, then latches onto Orpheus's leg and fucking SHAKES IT. Orpheus BARKS. He flails his leg wildly, clawing at Cole's SCALP.

Ari grins a bit as the flashing continues, it's disorienting but... hard to keep your eyes away from… "Oh?? Who's this, I'm interested."

Oleander tries to detach his sword from the bat. "The cult that raised me."

Cole only gets angrier and detaches from his leg then aims a swipe at Orpheus's chest.

Orpheus BITES AT COLE'S HEAD!! But the swipe hits. Cole's head is bitten as he growls and aims a heavy strike at Orpheus's jaw

Ari's eyes flash to life with spirals as Oleander pulls the sword out, and Ari's tail tightens, "Ooo yikes a cult? I assume you don't have good experiences with it?" Ari's bat is at a very high risk of breaking in two.

"Nope." Oleander freezes, entranced with the spirals.....

Ari gives a slow nod, "There we go... We were having a nice conversation weren't we? Don't want to interrupt it... would you?"


Orpheus’ teeth are pushed into Cole’s head harder since he was biting him when he was punched in the jaw.

Cole snarls even louder and punches him in the jaw even HARDER.

Orpheus shakes Cole around by the head like a dog toy before flinging him full force at Oleander.

The snarling and growling mess known as Cole crashes into both of them.

"Good... you weren't- SHIT!" All of Ari's lights flicker wildly as Oleander is rag-dolled a good five feet onto the ground. He quickly recovers, though, snapping his bat in half and quickly making sure each broken side was satisfactorily sharp.

Orpheus huffs out a large quantity of smoke and hurries toward Oleander.

Oleander rolls, dropping his sword in the process. He tries to get up and retrieve his sword before Orpheus can get to him.

Meanwhile, Orpheus dives for the sword.

Cole lays there for a second then jumps to his feet and looks around with his bloodthirsty angry look.

Ari sighs, eyes and tail now rapidly flashing, "Fuck. Heyyyy Cole!" Ari lunges and thrusts a broken shard of its bat into Cole's chest.

Cole is stabbed in the chest with the shard and snarls with pain as he lunges with his jaws open at one of Ari's arms. Ari twists the blade and hisses loudly at Cole digging into his arm. Ari then moves to try and bite into Cole's neck.

Orpheus manages to get the sword as Oleander backs up.

Cole's neck is bitten and muffled snarls and tries to sweep Ari's legs. But Ari doesn’t have legs! He’s a snake!

Orpheus trips Oleander. Orpheus quickly scuttles over to Oleander and tries to knock him out via chokehold.

Cole tries to sweep Ari's legs and simply hits a wall of tail meat. Ari continues biting down, searching for a cooling tube she knows is in there somewhere.

Oleander struggles, clawing at Orpheus's paws helplessly.

A coolant line is hit as sweet but incredibly hot coolant sprays from Cole's neck as he aims a heavy strike at Ari's chest, hoping to knock the air out of them. Ari hisses as the hit lands, spitting out the coolant and trying to catch their breath.

Oleander seemingly passes out.

Cole keeps continuously smacking Ari in the chest, not letting up for a second.

Orpheus lets go of Oleander so as to not kill him, trying to catch his own breath.

Ari is hacking wildly and tries to grab at any piece of Cole that he can.

Oleander lays there, pretending to be unconscious for a few moments. Orpheus pushes Oleander off of him, sitting up. Oleander drops the act, getting up quickly and retrieving his sword. He proceeds to stab Orpheus in the stomach.

Lock covers her eyes.

Ari grabs at Cole's neck trying to pull on the exposed wound and cooling tubes.

Orpheus is Bec Noir'd. "..Oh, what..." He falls back with a soft ‘guh…’. "Uncle."

"I’m sorry fellow transmasc." Oleander says regretfully.

Cole screams in pain and then clamps down on Ari's arm even harder.

"SHIT-" Ari gasps out but doesn't let go, blindly pulling and coughing, breathing nonexistent. Cole starts clawing at Ari instead of punching, growling, and snarling in pain with the pulling Ari lets go, stumbling back and trying to retreat up a pole. Cole lets go of Ari's arm as they stumble back, he rips the ax out of his chest and stares Ari down.

Orpheus is watching Ari from the floor, breathing out comically ring-shaped puffs of smoke at Oleander's face.

Oleander stares at the rings. "Like in The Hobbit.”

Cole sprints over to the pole and starts trying to chop it down with the ax.

"Did you also have a Smaug phase?" Orpheus asks.

"More like a Gandalf phase. I wish I was a wizard...." Oleander replies.

Ari is heavily breathing, looking down and slinking up more and more, "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING BITCH." Ari's tail becomes huge, heavy, and thick. He lets go of the pole, falling directly onto Cole.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Orpheus asks Oleander as chaos ensues.

Cole growls and groans as he drops the ax and claws wildly at anything he can get at. He digs into Ari's tail, hitting pure muscle and meat as Ari hisses and groans in pain, "GIVE UP YOU SLUT."

"What's wrong with wanting to be a wizard????" Oleander asks.

"I was mostly joking, but being a dragon is a lot cooler..." Orpheus replies.

Cole's body is covered with arcs as Ari hears a muffled giggle. “Slut deterrent." Ari is shocked with 120 volts shortly after the giggle.

"True. I wanna be a dragon." Oleander says to Orpheus.

"YOU LIAR..." Orpheus exclaims.

Ari yells and pulls off of him, "OW FUCK YOU!" Ari picks up xis tail and tries to slam it down on Cole.

Cole rolls out of the way then lunges towards Ari with his jaws open and tries to bite down on Ari's shoulder.

"I'm not a liar...." Oleander whines.

Ari hisses again as the bite lands and he falls back on his back, trying to shove Cole off him. Cole latches onto Ari's shoulder, preventing him from being shoved off as he starts gnawing on their shoulder

"Ariiiiii call uncle, you're not gonna get him down anytime soon!!" Orpheus calls out.

Ari looks over, and sees a ready-to-fight Oleander beside Orpheus, "This- is your fault I was- doing great!" Her words are interrupted by hisses in pain as he looks back up at Cole, "Fine. I concede."

"Yeah, throwing Cole was a bad idea. Sucks to suck, Orpheus!" Rham says.

"OH, SUCK MY DICK, RHAM!!!" Orpheus yells back.

Rham cackles. "Cole and Oleander win!" The crowd cheers. L1MB0 snaps. The illusion is dropped.

Orpheus sits up, pulls Oleander's sword out of his stomach, throws it over to Oleander, and immediately begins climbing back up to Lilith's platform.

"Alright. Get ready for the next fight in a few minutes! Nyx and Jack versus Raine and Candle!"

Ari ashamedly begins slithering up to Lilith's platform in pain. "Thanks," Oleander catches it and heads back to the crowd.

Cole's eyes widen as he quickly sprints to Satan.

Raine stretches and some of his fingers fall off and grow back. He leans over Candle's hat and faces her. "You ready, Candy?"

Candle's face looks like (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ "As ever!"

Hinata looks over at Luna seemingly in fear, knowing that she also lost to Cole and Oleander. Luna chuckles a bit. "If you thought that was something, wait for the next one. Actual fucking gods in the next fight." Hinata nods and watches.

Nyx is begrudgingly walking into sight of the others with Jack behind her holding various hot dogs. Raine disappearifies his taco bar as he prepares himself, jumping off Candle's chair and landing near Jack. "Hey there."

Jack says. "I feel like a hot dog."

"I feel like a" Raine's face contorts into something reminiscent of a cat before reverting back to its 'normal' state.

"Let's just get this over with," Nyx grumbles. She wears a bandana over her head.

"Alright, time for the next fight."

L1MB0 snaps. The illusion goes up.

The teams appear on opposite ends of...

Ok, I'm not going to try and hide it.

It's the judgment hall.

It's the judgment hall from Undertale.

Raine paid me to do this.

"Nyx and Jack versus Raine and Candle!"

Jack sits down and starts typing on his phone with one hand eating a hot dog with the other. Nyx wears her fancy robes and bandana over her head.

Raine's outfit appears entirely different from before. Covered up so as to not kill anyone accidentally and disqualify their team. He appears to be levitating a couple of inches off the ground, his arms at his sides. "You ready to kick some ass, Candy?"

Candle lifts off her hat, and reaches into it, pulling out something akin to an aged ballet wand. She gives it a few spins, letting the old tassels flutter, before the tassels become longer, and the ballet wand repairs itself into something black with multicolored glitter. Then adjusts the hat back onto her head with a honk! "Sure!! I'm an avid supporter of the furry community <|:•)"

"This is going to be bothersome," Nyx grumbles to herself as the white opal sword appears in her hand from a shadow of her robes.

Raine shrugs with his typical smile and begins his first attack. He teleports behind Nyx quickly, smacking her over the head with what looks to be a severed arm.

Candle takes the slow route and just walks in Jack's direction, but the hall is probably long so it'll take a moment. However, a wizard does appear behind Jack and furiously headbutts him harmlessly.

Jack is too focused on his fan fiction writing to care. Nyx leans forward to keep the arm from smacking her head and swings the sword's blade back toward Raine.

Raine vanishes, a swarm of human teeth left in his place thrown straight at Nyx as Raine appears leaning against a pillar, mending the bandages of one of his arms that Nyx had cut through. A small bit of Impurity is left on the blade, but it would soon drip off and dissipate as though it were never there.

The wizard continues. Candle is approaching at a fast pace but isn't quite there yet. She walks like a cartoon character would.

Jack continues typing. The teeth that swarm Nyx hit a stone-like surface under the robes. Nyx's blade hums as she raises it up in the air. Light gathers around it

A swarm (3) of wizards bump into Jack, each one generating a different sound on impact. One is the FNAF honk sound, One is the sound of Sonic losing his rings, and another is Vine Boom.mp3.

Violet is taking heavy notes on this battle what the heck Raine changed to, trying to view every detail from her seat. Luna is watching the battle with music in her mind. Hinata listens in and they both headbang.

Raine slowly floatwalks back to his previous position, a popcorn bucket appearing in his hand as he pulls a tooth out from it and flicks it at Nyx.

Jack leans back to use a wizard as a pillow as he types.

Nyx swings the blade down and doesn’t dodge the tooth flicked at her. On swinging the blade, there's a flash of bright light as a line of teeth are shot in Raine's direction that seem similar to the teeth Raine had just thrown.

The wizards are unrelenting! And are pretty comfortable as pillows, surprisingly.

Raine allows himself to be hit, holes appearing in his body that gush Impurity onto the floor, not hitting anyone. He stops levitating as his shoes soak up all the Impurity.

Jack uses another as a footrest. Nyx brings the sword up as a bow appears in her hands. She draws the sword back like an arrow.

The flowers begin to fall from Raine's mask.

Doubly comfortable now. Candle tries to take a peek at Jack's phone. "Ooo what's that!"

Jack has some spicy fan fiction part 2 on his phone. "Writing a fanfiction, wanna help?"

Nyx releases the bowstring as the sword is shot at Raine, aiming for the torso. The sword lodges in his torso as the flowers are fully gone from his mask, revealing actual muscle and tendon underneath. It looks shoved in there. Not his. Purely for shock value. Raine pulls the sword out of his torso and brings it to his side as he grows slightly taller. He tilts his head slightly as it begins raining teeth.

"Ooo! Sure! Mind telling me the plot?" Candle sits on a wizard nearby and it holds up like a sturdy chair, going squeak.

"Three hubbies live in a cabin when a dog shows up with a mystery love letter," Jack explains.

Nyx raises the bow in the air as light gathers around it. Holding the sword gives a feeling of bad luck

Raine looks down at the sword. "Interesting toy you've got here." His teeth move independently of his mouth as he speaks. "You can have it back." He throws it at her full force, the blade aimed at her torso. "Rather lady luck be on my side."

"Interesting, interesting...what if more dogs came along with more love letters!" Candle seems to be thinking hard about this.

"Brilliant," Jack says.

The sword stabs into stone snakes that wrap her torso. Water for blood falls on the floor as Nyx lets go of the bow. The bow vanishes into light. Nyx's robe of wings springs to life and rises behind her. Her feet leave the ground and a halo can be seen behind her head. Any light or fire in the area begins to grow brighter.

"Whoops." Raine laughs as he stuffs his hands in his pockets and gazes up at her.

Any place covered in shadows has swarms of bullet ants crawling into the light and quickly covering the walls and floors. There's a small circle without any ants around Jack and Candle. Nyx rips the sword from her torso and lunges at Raine through the air. Aiming a diagonal swing at his torso.

She's able to hit him as he laughs. It slices him clean through. He grabs hold of her arm for a second with one of his covered hands and removes his mask, showing his weird stretchy face. "I yield, Nesquik."

Candle is invested in the fanfiction.

"Smart boy." Nyx sneers as she yanks her arm out of his grip the moment she can.

The illusion drops.

"Damn, a lot of yielding today, huh? Still, good fighting! Nyx and Jack are the winners!!!"

"Next fight will be Spider and Uriel versus Luna and Bunbun!"

Candle's eyes blink as they float away from each other, floating apart like they're floating in water.

"Wαιƚ, ɯҽɾҽɳ'ƚ ɯҽ ʂυρρσʂҽԃ ƚσ Ⴆҽ ϝιɠԋƚιɳɠ?"

"Nah this is way more entertaining."


Raine dissipates into smoke and reappears on the balcony in his RHKQ merch fit.

Luna sits in her seat taking some much-needed deep breaths and hypes herself up for the upcoming boss fight. She pulls out her broomstick and sword and is ready whenever everyone else is. Hinata cheers for the four competitors!

Bunbun digs through her pocket before taking out a whole wooden saber. can’t kill, so blunt object.

Luna nods to Bunbun with a smile and does a few stretches. Bunbun follows Luna’s example and stretches as well!

Candle shrugs, sticking out a tongue as she knocks on her hat twice, then disappears into it.

They then reappear amongst the audience, lounging. This time her hair is done in braids!

"That Candle person sure is awesome. And those little dudes are cute!" Hinata mutters to herself.

Nyx and Jack appear in the audience. Nyx grumbles some swears under her breath.

Spider's currently glaring at both Rham and L1MB0 still hanging out on their platform. Luna looks over from her place while sitting on her broomstick, curious why Spider is unhappy.

Violet typing away at her notes as she watches NGE on the side of her phone, then she walks around and checks out the RHKQ merch booth for fun.

Hinata walks away for a bit to acquire some snacks and to look around the arena. Anything to get her nerves off of watching her onee-chan fight whoever Spider and Uriel are.