Oleander charges towards Hinata, slicing at the rod to try and destroy the big bonk.

Violet wastes no time in attacking, using her giant vine like a whip to attack Cole, smashing it, and hoopefully him, into the ground.

Hinata focuses her energy around her and attempts to parry the sword strike with the hammer, striking the mallet against the sword.

Cole rolls out of the way and chops at the giant vine, hoping to disable it.

Oleander ducks, dodging the parry and attempting to get closer to disarm Hinata. Big weapons were good if you had range, which he didn't intend to give her.

Lock is watching in pure worry

Claire praying on Violet's downfall.

Hinata jumps backward to continue keeping some space. She swings the bonk around, threatening Oleander to get hit if he attempts to get in close.

The vine retracts due to the damage as Violet unsummons it. Violet now summons a longsword, decorated with red roses. She flies up and rushes for Cole from the air, aiming a strike at him.

Oleander’s pretty fast, continuing to try and close the space between Hinata and himself.

Hinata continues to strike at Oleander's sides as he continues to get closer. As this is going on, Hinata is trying to steer the battle to a specific part of the warehouse.

Cole extends one of his paws as an invisible force pushes Violet away from Cole. Arcs of lightning begin to cover Cole's body.

When the mallet’s brought down to his level, Oleander slams the butt of his sword onto it, making it hit the floor.

Violet gets pushed back as she lands on the ground, attacking Cole from below with her longsword.

"Shit." Hinata is disarmed and she enters another defensive stance but with her fists. As she does, she continues to back up towards the conveyors.

Cole parries Violet’s attack with his fire axe then follows through with a slice at her side.

Oleander’s sword disappears back into his necklace. He approaches with his own fists, brown eyes trained on Hinata. He swings for her jaw.

Violet tries to dodge the slice but gets nicked on the side with Cole's axe, causing her to yelp. She rolls under Cole's legs, gets back up, and aims a stab at his back.

"Phase 2." Hinata dodges the jaw strike and punches Oleander in the gut.

Oleander grunts and punches Hinata in the side of her head while its in range.

The hit almost knocks Hinata to the ground but she puts up her defensive stance while desperately trying to find an answer to this problem. "Good hit," she says.

The stab tinks against Cole's jacket as he spins around and aims a kick at Violet’s chest.

Violet flies up as soon as she heard the tink of the jacket, dodging the kick. She summons a bunch of thorns and rains them down on Cole, hoping at least one will hit.

Oleander nods, ducking down and attempting to grab one of Hinata’s legs and pull it out.

Hinata notices and kicks Oleander in the face instead.

Oleander stumbles back, falling on his ass. "Damnit-" He mutters, a steady stream of blood seeping from his nose. He quickly gets back up.

Hinata rushes in an attempt to get her MegaBONK back up. Oleander runs after her and tackles her from behind.

Cole doesn't expect the thorn attack and several of the thorns hit Cole. He groans, “Fuckin bitch." He extends a paw at Violet as a small bolt of lightning flies from his hand.

Hinata’s legs and arms are scraped up. She attempts to fight Oleander off, kicking and punching. But since she was pinned from behind, her attacks are pretty ineffective.

"Sorry," Oleander says as he grabs Hinata’s head and slams it into the ground to knock her out.

Hinata is knocked out and bleeding from her head.

The Oleanderfan wizard goes WILD!!!!

Violet gets hit by the lighting. She yelps and stiffens up as she falls, almost hitting the ground but she manages to catch herself. Violet glides a distance away and lands, starting to think about what she can do… When she gets an idea. She summons giant rose petals like a whirlwind tornado, surrounding Cole in an attempt to block his vision. At the same time, she rushes in and out of the rose tornado, making fast and quick strikes against him.

Oleander gets off of Hinata, putting her on her back and using his shirt to quell the bleeding while the other pair duke it out. He’s sure to drag her away from the fighting so she wouldn’t get hurt on accident.

Arcs fly from Cole's body and hit the rose petals, igniting them as the fire axe forms into a shield that protects his front side from being hit.

Violet aims her attacks for the back of Cole’s head, trying to do any damage or a possible knockout.

Cole ducks before getting hit as the shield splits and metal strips swarm Violet, trying to grab the sword from her.

Violet’s sword is taken and she summons another as the one Cole holds is turned to bramble. She goes straight for the win, not holding back in her swings.

Cole grabs the sword as it's swung and follows through with a heavy strike to her face, causing a tooth to fall out of Violet's mouth. She tries to keep her ground she punches him in the face back

Cole groans and snarls as he punches at her nose with another heavy strike.

Violet gets knocked back as she groans as her nose starts to bleed. She wipes the blood off, looking pissed as she runs up to Cole, placing her hand on his face as she summons thorns to encompass his face and dig into his skin

Before the thorns encompass Cole’s face, he bites Violet's hand and aims another punch at her face.

Violet flinches as her hand gets bitten. Her hand retracts but the thorns still crawl around his bone face and attempt to dig, like they’re alive. Violet ducks and dodges the punch in the face.

Cole draws his combat knife and aims a slash at Violet's chest.

Violet gets hit with a couple of slashes. She screams in pain as she continues to attack Cole, trying to ignore the pain.

Cole aims a heavy stab at her free arm as he growls and snarls.

Violet’s arm is stabbed and starts to bleed as she yelps, fury in her eyes as she tries to strike straight on for the head and neck.

Raine has thoughts on the animation style of Magia Record. "Good save," Raine mutters as he approaches the first actual witch appearance. Raine's using Candle's hat as a stand for his phone as he makes another burrito. Candle is so good at shiny hunting and watching baby sensory videos at the same time.

Cole growls and snarls as he mutters, "Give up, you’re fighting a losing battle." He rips his knife out of Violet’s arm and aims a kick at her chest.

Before Cole's kick can hit, L1MB0 snaps. The illusion drops, leaving the 4 fighters standing on two separate wooden platforms (Each team on their own) in the middle of the tar area for all of the audience to see. Everybody's wounds are healed, although the pain is definitely still there.

Rham taps the microphone. "And that's that, folks! The first fight is done, with Cole and Oleander as the winners! Good fight, good fight. Couple minutes for a break before Harmonia and Delta versus Roxy and Claire!"

The microphone is turned off as L1M and Rham begin to talk. Two paths appear in order for the fighters to walk out of the arena back onto solid ground.

Hinata wakes up with a hell of a headache but she's not bleeding anymore. She stumbles off the platform and over to Oleander.

A Harmoniafan wizard appears on Harmonia's head! Candle is heating up some tea with a candle, the flames are pretty to watch. Raine continues to eat his homemade tacos.

Cole walks off of the platform and stares at Candle’s flames.

Oleander extends his hand for Hinata to shake. "Good match. Do you need help walking?"

Harmonia cheers for the fighters but then pets the wizard. She looks around for Delta.

Hinata takes his hand with a smile, "Nah I think I'll be fine. Just wanted to say thanks for staying by me after I lost."

"Of course." Oleander smiles at her and nods, walking out of the arena with her. Hinata follows!

Delta appears from the crowd behind Harmonia, tapping her shoulder. "Hey! You ready???" He sounds excited.

Harmonia nods!! "You know it!" She shifts to her demon form and gives Delta a head pat. "We're going to kill."

Luna waves Hinata down and gives her a big hug. "Yo, good job for your first actual fight." She's not counting anything Solaire forced them to do. Hinata nods and goes to sit with Luna some more. They chat about this and that, strategy, and whatnot.

"Wait I have to fight Harmonia?" Claire looks up from her phone to Roxy.

"Yeah?" Roxy replies.

"I. Um." Claire looks nervous.

"What's up?" Roxy asks.

"Well, I uh. What if I accidentally hurt her??" Claire asks.

"Dude it'll be fine,” Roxy replies.

"Nnno I can't do that," Claire's body stiffens as she grabs her knees tightly. Roxy stands up and holds a hand out to her.

"C'mon dude it won't be that bad it's just a fun fight!” Roxy says.

"Nonononono-" Claire's pupils dilate as she looks down at her hands, digging into her knees.

"Ohhh my god." Roxy sighs, putting a hand on her hip and turning to Raine. "Can you like. do something about this?"

Raine looks at Roxy, jaw unhinged as he shoves the biggest burrito you'll ever see down his throat and swallows it. "Sure." He snaps. Claire passes out, her eyes shifting to a light pink color. Give her a second.

"Thanks," Roxy sighs as she keeps Claire from falling out of her seat. "Give us a sec."

L1MB0 takes out a megaphone and stares at Roxy. "DO YOU NEED A TV FOR HER?"

Rham stares at L1MB0 in confusion.

"YEAH. PROBABLY." Roxy sits Toshiba upright and places some paperweights on her.

L1MB0 tosses a Toshiba brand CRT TVhead mask all the way across the arena at Roxy, muttering something to Rham.

Harmonia watches idly

Roxy catches it and places it on Toshiba's head. It lights up. "Give us a second...."

Violet walks back to the group. On seeing Toshiba, she hides in the crowd.

Oleander takes a seat next to Lock, wiping his nose of the blood.

The TV fades to a black screen with a smiley face displayed on it. Roxy removes the paperweights as Toshiba gets up and wardrobifies into something relatively similar to Madoka's magical girl outfit. Her Weezersword is summoned. "I heard something about a fight :]"

Roxy smiles. "Yea, we gotta fight Claire's girlfriend and a dog."

"I'm more of a bird person tbh…” Toshiba replies.

"You like birds???” Roxy asks.

"Sometimes!" Toshiba looks up to Raine and gives him a wave. He waves back. Roxy and Tosh head to the arena.

Violet composes herself and goes to find a place to sit. Margaret is just sitting and enjoying the fights

Candle takes a long sip of tea, the flames continue to flicker.

Rham says something to L1MB0. He cackles as L1MB0 frowns and punches him in the face. He turns on the microphone. ”Alright, alright! Heheheh. Small change of plans, seems like it’s now Harmonia and Delta versus Roxy and Toshiba!” The crowd cheers. some of the yells sound confused, but not disappointed.

L1MB0 snaps. The illusion starts back up.

The two teams find themselves on opposing ends of a trashy city street. Rows and rows of functioning televisions line the windows of the shops around them, playing various cringy clips of the gladiators’ lives mixed with small snippets of 2000s-era commercials. A swirling nebula fills the night sky above the arena. There are suitable shadows in the alleyways between the shops for Harmonia to do her shadowy things.

Harmonia ignores the clips of her life, stretching. "This is gonna be fun." She grins, snapping her whip to her hand.

Lock looks Oleander up and down for injuries. He seems to be fine, besides his nosebleed!

Roxy pulls her bat out of her chest (Mami style) and brandishes it, posing with Toshiba as she holds her sword. They do the Team Rocket pose, minus Meowth.

"Wow just like Mami from the cool anime series Magica Madoka!" Candle says, gazing upon the festivities.

"Her godpartner showed her that series, probably." Raine gnaws on a chicken chalupa supreme he made. "Oh, yeah, Candy, I like adding 'god' to random words if it makes it sound cooler or it fits."

"Madoka reference!" Luna cheers.

Venti’s in the crowd and screaming wildly for their girlfriend.

Delta cracks his knuckles, puffing some fowl-smelling green tinted smoke out of his nostrils.

"3... 2... FIGHT!!!" Rham yells.

Delta is clearly preparing for some big fire attack. There is no way to hide it.

Roxy runs at Harmonia specifically, attempting to swing her bat into Harmonia's side. Toshiba charges the Weezword...

Toshiba is blasted by nasty bright green flames the moment she gets close. It's an unreasonable amount of fire.

Toshiba screams, "IT'S WORSE THAN CHILDBIRTH!!!" as she crunkles. She shakily aims the Weezword at Delta and blasts him with Virgincore Energywaves!!!

Harmonia flies into the air with her wings, lashing her whip out in an attempt to wrap it around Roxy’s neck.

Delta is knocked on his ass. "AUUUGHHHH!!!! HAVE YOU NEVER HAD SEX BEFORE??? SO VIRGIN.... YOU LIKE WEEZER, DON'T YOU?!?!?!?!?!?" He growls and gets on his feet.

Roxy head detaches as she swiftly moves out of the whip, reattaching her head and grabbing hold of the whip.

A smirk appears on Toshiba's screen. "I get soooo many bitches dude." She runs over and tries slashing Delta's chest, jumping over him.

Delta drops down to the ground in order to avoid the slash, trying to kick out Toshiba's legs as soon as she lands. As she falls she quickly grips onto a piece of his jacket to drag him down with her. He yelps, trying to PUNCH HER IN THE FACE!!! It doesn't do much because it's a screen but it results in a bit of a crack! She tries to stab him with her blade while he's caught off guard. Delta wraps his arms around her to pull her close, letting himself get stabbed, to try and BITE HER FUCKING HEAD. CHOMPCHOMPCHOMPCHOMP

Harmonia blinks. "OH COME ON THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!" She tries to kick Roxy in the face.

Roxy's head gets knocked back with a groan. "Owie....." She tugs on the whip, pulling Harmonia down.


“BITCH" Harmonia tries to kick Roxy in the BALLS. Her leg phases through as Roxy jumps up onto Harmonia's shoulders and starts bashing her fists into Harmonia's head.


Toshiba uses their free hand to DECK Delta. That just pushes his teeth further into the tv's plastic. The TV starts to make a low buzzing.


The TV goes

So no head?

Toshiba keeps wiggling the sword. Headless.

So no head? Delta keeps Toshiba in a tight bear hug. Headless.

"HOW IS THIS FAIR SHE CAN LITERALLY JUST STOP EXISTING!!!!" Harmonia screams in frustration and pain, trying to grab Roxy to throw her off.

Roxy is thrown off and gets winded as she hits the ground. She’s gotta catch her breath for a sec.

Harmonia jumps on her TORSO.


"Surrender bitch.” Harmonia felt a little bad maybe.

"Ungle..." Roxy mutters.

Rham looks to L1MB0. L1MB0 pulls out the megaphone. "ARE YOU SAYING UNCLE."

"yeg ..m." Roxy chokes out.

Lock screams, "THINGTAKER!”

Cole screams, "PUSSY!”

"Is that allowed?" Rham asks.

There’s a pause.


L1MB0 turns off the megaphone. The illusion is dropped. The teams are on their respective platforms.

Delta and Toshiba are healed aside from the missing head thing? That's kind of an issue, maybe?

I mean not for Delta. His body kind of burns away to ash and then he runs up nice and respawned from the crowd to give Harmonia an excited victory hug, but... Y'know.

Toshiba's body catches aflame. Once the flame goes out, nothing remains. Roxy walks back to her seat and sits down. If one were to blink, Claire would immediately be sat back next to Roxy!


Luna turns to Hinata, "If I had a nickel for every time I watched a person get beheaded, I'd have 30 cents now. Which isn't much, but still fucking weird it's happened 6 times."

Hinata just silently nods while looking fucking freaked out. She is clearly out of her element… They both applaud nonetheless.

Bunbun rubs the back of her neck absentmindedly.

Cole is just sitting there, unphased, and thinking about buffalo mac and cheese.

Violet looks around for who to talk to and spots Raine. She walks up to him. “So… how is the therapy working out for you? Gonna explode any more heads?”


Raine snaps his head to look back at Violet. "What the fuck are you talking about."

Delta carries Harmonia in the air like Simba, screaming back at the crowd while walking out of the arena.

“You know. Otto and their lost head now and your whole… chip thing.” Violet says, pointing to where the chip is in her neck


Raine and Claire say in unison to Violet, "Are you fucking high what are you talking about." Their voices sound eerily similar. Which like, makes sense.

Cole slowly looks over to watch Violet.


Beautiful Transgender Wife is almost knocked out of her seat as she hugs Harmonia. "Hiiiii," She buries her face in Harmonia's neck. "You did great out there.”

Harmonia giggles and nuzzles her. "Did I??" She's still in moth form so Claire gets a face full of FLUFF.

"Mhmm!" Claire doesn't seem to mind. She's enjoying herself.

"Whatever. You’re probably just lying to save your butts." Violet walks away.

Delta disappears into the crowd...

Rham taps the microphone and clears his throat.

"AAALLLRIGHT! That's that, folks! Time for the infinitely more exciting fights! The REALLLL Tournament!

The next 4 fights areeee.....

Cole and Oleander versus Orpheus and Arimidex!

Nyx and Jack versus Raine and Candle!

Spider and Uriel versus Luna and Bunbun!

And, last but not least for this first true round of fights...

Harmonia and Delta versus Cerberus and Alpha!

Prepare yourself! It's definitely gonna be something! Take a break, get some food, and get some merch. Be back here soon, y'all."

The microphone is turned off as L1MB0 and Rham immediately start talking shit.

"No I kill people, I'm very open about that I have a whole collection of girl limbs," Raine chuckles as he looks towards Rham. "I'm gonna speed through some more tacos before we start."

Cole rubs his paws together, "It's time to kick bubble ass and chew gum....wait." He looks confused as he looks at the ground while thinking.

Luna tilts her head at the announcement. "Spider? Is it finally time for us to fight?" she looks over at them.

Hinata seems a bit annoyed that Cole and Oleander are fighting again so soon, but it's whatever. "So our fight was just a warm-up for them. Damn."

“Hoooo boy, that’s going to be a fun match!” Bunbun is now stretching, gotta keep limber ya know?

Violet plugs in her earbuds and starts playing music to calm herself down in this stressful environment.

Luna vibes in her seat listening to music and Hinata walks around the vicinity to get food and merch. She buys a Luna plushie and keeps it to herself.

Harmonia pulls out a Desert Eagle and shoots Raine in the head.

The bullet is lodged in his head and slowly begins to sink in as he cranes his head toward Harmonia. "Mawth."


"Something devastating will occur on June sixteenth twenty twenty-three that will be catastrophic to your mental health and relationships."

"I don't believe you." She sticks her tongue out at him.

Raine slowly chomps down on a spicy potato soft taco.

Harmonia shoots him again for the meme.

Raine’s eaten enough Mexican food to feed a small country tonight. Like, completely seriously. The bullet lands in the burrito he's making. He fucking eats it. Swallowed whole.

Violet closes her eyes trying to go to a happy place while trying to ignore everything for a moment.

Hinata eventually makes her way to Violet and sits next to her. "Hey, how's it going? These fights are insane. Is it always like this?"

Cole slowly looks over at Raine, puts his hands around his mouth, and screams. "CAN YOU EAT PUSSY LIKE THAT??????”

Raine snaps to look at Cole. "Yes." He slowly eats another. Cole looks horrified.

Violet opens her eyes as she takes out her earbuds to hear her better. "It's going alright. Just... it's a lot I guess. So many people here wish to kill me, torture me, or just see me suffer and so I... I just wish to prove to them that I can do this. I can show I'm not just a killable flea. Have some meat to my bones if you will. But still, it's all just a lot."

Hinata tilts her head, "I won't let anyone hurt you. That's bullshit." She is completely unaware of Hellfire Maiden.

"I bet others like Claire could say otherwise but I thank you anyways," Violet responds.

"I don't know who Claire is. The TV-headed person???" Hinata scratches her head.

"No that's Tosh, a R053. Same with Claire but that just opens another can of worms which I don't understand. Claire's the vampire chick." Violet explains.

"Vampi-- oh the one the moth person is sitting on. Killer moth of piss or something like that." Hinata says.

"Yeah them..."

"Hm." Hinata closes her eyes. "Well, I know I ain't much of anything, but I'll protect you. Luna seems to want to, so I might as well join her. Wouldn't be the first time we worked together like that." she grins.

Violet smiles "Thanks Hinata. Means a lot." Violet thinks for a moment about the second Claire dream, just the beginning... what if it was true... what if it came true... what if it made life easier... what if- She shuts up her dark thoughts, shaking her head "How are you doing Hinata?"

Hinata sighs, "Just a bit annoyed that we had one fight and then Cole and Oleander get to fight again. Didn't realize we were just the opening act. Barely even got to do anything."

"Fair fair... I mean it still was fun!"

"Anyway, I just wanted to check up on ya. I'm gonna head back to Lulu." She waves and walks back.