All of the cast falls out of a tree and pile up on each other, aside from the people who walked in like normal people.

Looking ahead, they see it... the tournament grounds… Y'know a carnival? Or like a festival? Imagine that. A bunch of stands and stalls for selling various merchandise and foods. It goes on for a WHILE throughout this mostly flat grassy plane area. Past all of that, however, is an endless expanse of tar. Boiling tar filled with the bones of all kinds of animals and creatures. Both normal-sized and inconceivably large. In the area of tar closest to the stalls is the arena.

A huge empty space.


Surrounding that is a bunch of wooden platforms. Safe, totally stable standing areas! Slightly raised, surrounding the empty tar area. Then, there are a couple of VIP platforms, made of a more stable material, like the balconies of the normal arena. There's a fancy one, like a broken skyscraper, where Lilith, Orpheus, Ari, and Belphegor all sit and talk. Satan and a collective of some very strong-looking Wrath Demons lounge together on a very large dragon skull.

Then, the tallest platform, is simply just a couch on an entirely free-floating platform where L1MB0 and a filming camera are propped up.

Rham points to a hotel building close to the arena and stall areas. "That's where y'all will be staying between fighting sessions, got it? I'm runnin' the show this time around."

The Wizard begins to Rumble. The rumble is more like a squishy wobbling moment. Raine rolls up his sleeves and places the Wizard down.

Roxy and Claire start playing that fucking finger game that middle schoolers play.

Hinata and Luna are both looking around and are just in complete awe of what they're seeing. They're both totally silent otherwise. Hinata is looking for Violet.

Kade takes a look around while blinking. He starts to look around for any place that's considerably spacious for him.

Harmonia looks around. "Damnnnn this is nice!"

As the wizard is set down, Candle appears! You know the jazz. A black feminine figure with soft, fluffy hair, wearing a wizard hat and robe. This time, she has a fancy space-y colored black button-up shirt with yellow star-shaped buttons and wears shorts with a veil in the back. She has leggings.

Violet appears next to Hinata. Bunbun, in her Whore ™️ Outfit, goes looking at the various stalls. Cole sprints over to the wrath demons with his can of Napalm

"Hello, Candle." Raine smiles.

"Hi, Candle!!!" Harmonia grins

"WOAH- Um hey," Violet says as she looks around

Hinata looks to her right and sees Violet. "Yo Violet. This place is amazinggggggg!”

Spider looks around at the various stalls as they make their way to the arena.

Candle waves with a grin. "Howdyy~!!"

Merch. So much fucking merch. Oleander merch, Bunbun & Knight merch, Raine Heart Kawaii Quest merch, Luna plushies, KILLER MOTH OF PISSLANTIS merch, COLE GENESONE merch, etc etc etc.

Oleander finds himself wandering over to the stalls, looking over his merch in confusion. "This is... of me?" He takes one of the plushies and stares at it. It’s perfect. He puts it in his bag.

"YO! It is! This is amazing!" Violet says looking at Hinata and looking at the place around her.

Luna stops right in her tracks on seeing the Luna plush. "Holy shit, keep these away from Solaire," she grumbles and puts it into her bag.

Raine picks up a Lily-Chan fumo and eats it.

Rham disappears. Delta is sprinting wildly through the field towards the arena.

Bunbun buys some of her own merch; along with quite a bit of Luna merch, some Blossom merch, and 3 KILLER MOTH OF PISSLANTIS hoodies.

Lock is overwhelmed by it all.

Cole snags one of the Cole Genesone fumos while sprinting.

Oleanders wanders around the stalls in awe but after a moment notices Lock. He walks over to her, offering her his hand.

Raine slips into a Rain Heart Kawaii Quest t-shirt, taking off his turtleneck and jacket and throwing them into a tar pit.

The gang gets their merch and begins to head to the arena.

Kade gets sufficient space needed to stretch out and begins to explode into fur and smoke. He groans in the process as he grows in size, huffing as he hunches over. He looks more or less the same but with some extra bone protrusions along his elbows and back. It's fine though, probably. He proceeds to the arena.

Luna and Hinata finish their shopping and head to the arena.

Lock takes Oleander’s hand. Her eyes are wide looking at everything as she looks at Oleander. She mumbles. "Holy shit your face looks good in detail."

Oleander blushes. "What do you mean?" He chuckles as they start walking to the arena.

"I got a better graphics card and I can actually see you." Lock replies.

Oleander smiles. "Well I'm glad you can-" He takes the Oleander plush out of his bag and hands it to her. "Want it?"

Lock takes it. “Thanks"

"No problem." They continue to the arena.

Candle is grabbing an assortment of merchandise and stuffing it into her hat. A wizard merch stall explodes in a rain of sprinkles and glitter powder. There's a Lunafan wizard and an Oleanderfan wizard, both carrying fumos.

"GET TO THE ARENA!! FIRST TWO FIGHTS... SOON!" Rham's voice rings throughout the area. He's sitting on the couch next to L1MB0 now.

Cole is showing the Wrath demons the fumo with excitement.

Cerberus is watching Cole be autistic. The left head looks to the middle

"So, uh, where's that one you mentioned..? Alpha..?"

"𝜢ℯ𝗁𝒆һ, ꓒ𝜊𝓃'𝘁 𝓌𝝄rr𝞬~. 𝐘𝔬𝙪'ⲒI 𝗌𝟈𝐞 w𝕙𝖊𝘯 ᴡℯ ɡ𝟈𝘵 𝒕𝗁𝙚𝓻ꬲ."

Bunbun is still making her way to the arena, satisfied with her merch haul. The wrath demons begin fighting in appreciation of the fumo. Satan nods with a smile.

Cole puts his hands in the air and screams. "YIPPPEEEEE!!!"

Luna and Hinata are vibing together and enjoying each other's company. In Hell.

As everybody gets closer to the arena, Cerberus is yanked to the side and vanishes into the crowd!

Rham taps on his microphone. "GOOOOOOOOD EVENING, EVERYONE! Hopefully, y'all are excited! Hopefully, y'all are riled up! Can I get some cheers? Who's excited to see Cole Genesone?!?! Who's excited to see The Killer Moth of Pisslantis??? Who's excited to see some brand new faces all around!!!!"

The crowd CHEERS!!!!! And HOLLERS and SCREAMS!!! A considerable amount of howls and woofing mixed in there too.

Rham laughs. "Music to my ears. So, ya regulars might be wondering to yourself... Who's THIS hooligan?? Ain't that the MERCH GUY??? Well, you'd be right! I'm THE Merch guy!!! If you don't know me, I'm Rham. I'm taking over for Goliath as the host this time around, and-" The crowd BOOS. LOUDLY!! "IT'S FOR A REASON, YA DIPSHITS!!!" The crowd quiets down. "For, you see.... We've got some special modifiers tonight!"

The crowd goes ooo? in curiosity. "That's better. Tonight, and, well, for the REST OF THE TOURNAMENT, every fight will have its own special arena! I know, right? How's that possible, you might ask… L1MB0, if you may."

L1MB0 throws a ball of fire into the tar. The flat, empty area between all the platforms erupts into flames which immediately go out. Smoke fills the air, and when looking into the smoke… You can see an entirely different area. An endless city.

"Cool, ain't it?" Rham asks the crowd.

The smoke settles into a solid view of this weird pocket dimension. It's like watching something through a screen, but it's... not a screen. It's kind of like being in spectator mode. The smoke fades, and the empty tarpit returns.

"So, yeah. Be happy! You get that, but ya gotta deal with me. And being outside. Which I know is hard for some of you fuckin' mutts."

Claire looks on in vague disinterest she's only here for Harmonia.

"...what in the fuck did I just witness?" Luna is stunned. Hinata is fucking excited.

Cole's tail wags, and looks very excited. "WOOOOOOOOO URBAN COMBAT WOOOOOOOOO!!”

Bunbun is amazed. She continually goes over what to do in any environment if it were to appear in her head.

Candle is watching and cheering with the rest, she sits upon a pretty chair floating in midair.

Raine appears and sits on the head of Candle's chair, legs draped over her shoulders. He's weightless. He seems to completely not acknowledge Candle's presence as he sips a Capri Sun.

Candle doesn't acknowledge it in the slighest, what a giddy little gal.

Violet's chip vibrates in Raine’s presence… She touches the back of her neck where it is as she looks at Raine.

Spider has been sitting with L1MB0, looking somewhat excited at the changing arena.

Hinata watches Violet with her head tilted. She walks up to her and asks, "Violet? What's wrong?"

"Hm? The chip in my neck is vibrating... And I'm sure it has to do with Raine but I'm unsure why it's... moving?" Violet replies.

"I-- I see. Are you gonna be able to fight? I wanna smash the competition."

"Um yea I'll be fine, just weirded out I guess." Violet pulls a tooth out of her hair and just looks at it, weirded out more as she holds it out in Raine's direction having a look on her face like, You put this here?

Raine isn't looking at Violet he's looking at his tenth Capri Sun this evening.

"Man, I want some monster." Luna sighs.

Violet just looks at the weird tooth and pockets it

Rham clears his throat.

"Alright, y'all must be wondering. Who's up first?? Well, you Genesone fans better get excited!"

"Step forward, Gladiators. Prepare for Team Cole and Oleander versus Team Hinata and Violet!"

L1MB0 snaps. A fire is started in the tar. The illusion begins once again.

The Teams appear in a large, extremely overgrown industrial warehouse. Cole and Oleander are on one side, while Hinata and Violet are on the other. Some old conveyor belts that line the floor whir to life, adding some variety to the arena. Irritating fluorescent lights burn above.

THE CROWD GOES WILD FOR COLE GENESONE AND NOBODY ELSE!!!! Oh my god, they can't see the crowd while they're fighting.

Raine prepares a taco/nacho buffet on the back of the brim around Candle's hat. Symbiosis at its finest.

Hinata does as her sister Luna said. She takes a few deep breaths and focuses her mana on her weapon. She may be magickless, but that won't stop her from trying.

Hinata reaches into her bag and pulls out a four-foot-long rod with a threatening, and rather heavy-looking, metal mallet at the end. On each side of the mallet, one side says MEGA and the other BONK. The MegaBONK is colored red and has a sharp spike at the very top of it. Just by looking at Hinata, she seems very strong. She has very visible muscle mass and is extremely fit.

"Ready to do this Violet?" Hinata's voice is focused and serious.

Some wizards in the crowd cheer! Candle, who had been shiny hunting on a Roblox game looks on! A wizard is in their laps. The taco-making is going excellently.

“Ready!” Violet summons a huge-looking vine with thorns at the end, unlike the other vines like this she has summoned before, this one is MUCH bigger. Violet lifts off the ground to a glide position.

Oleander looks around, summoning his sword to his hand and taking a deep breath. He kind of liked that he couldn’t see the crowd. Then he could ignore that they were there.

Luna watches on from the crowd. Cheering her friends on. All four of them.

Raine makes himself a spicy double steak grilled cheese burrito using the heat radiated from his heavenfire to grill the cheese.

Cole's jacket rips as a fire axe forms from the metal strips as he takes a deep breath. "Let's fucking kick it!"