February 20, 2023

Bunbun appears in the living room before taking a seat on the couch.

Luna looks over with a smile, "Morning Bunbun."

“Morning buddy!” she responds.

Margaret is chilling.

There's a triple knock at the door.

“Hm?” Margaret goes to answer the door.

At the door is a 5’10” blonde-haired woman wearing a frilly pink dress that has various bows on it. Her head has a cute bonnet on it, and the dress has various pumpkins and candy on it. Her voice is soft-spoken and seemingly proper. "Hello, I believe I have the right place. I'm looking for Luna? We're fighting in some tournament." She looks just like LambdaDelta from Umineko. She also has pointy ears with some white fluff in them and a short tail, much like a shiba inu.

“Oh yea! Come on in! Luna is in the living room!” Margaret welcomes her inside.

The woman, known as Hinata, walks in.

Luna looks over and gives her a big hug. "Hinata, oh my gods, you look amazing! Glad it fits you so well!!!"

"Yeah! Fit me like a glove!" Hinata cheers.

Margaret walks back into the living room, sitting down. “So is today that tournament you guys were talking about? How does that work?”

"No idea. As far as I was aware, there was only one hell, and it's the one with brimstone and the red dude with the tail." Upon realizing what Margaret looks like, however, Hinata goes a bit silent. This is what we call ‘Culture Shock.’ "So..... what even are you?" she says to Margaret.

“Hm? Oh! Well, I was human but ever since I died I am now this octopus, sea bunny, bioluminescence creature of sorts! I mean I miss what I looked like before but this will do. I should make… what do you guys call it? Picrew? Of myself and what I looked like!” With that, Margaret goes on her phone and starts doing just that.

“Hehehe, sea bunny.” Bunbun comments with a giggle.

"Whoaaaaaaa. Your hair is pretty!" Hinata has stars in her eyes, just completely amazed by what she's seeing, but even though it's really really weird, she's just having fun being free and seeing new things. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Hinata, another one of the Lunas."

“Oh! I see. So are you guys like sisters?” Margaret asks.

"Not blood-related or anything. We're closer to best friends."

“Oh! Neat! That sounds nice…” Margaret comments.

“The best kind of family is often the one you make though.” Bunbun nods.

"You're right about that er-- I didn't catch your name, but I think I saw you in the factory a few nights ago?" Hinata says to Bunbun.

“I’m Bunbun, Bunny Whore Pirate Captain Extraordinaire! Nice to meet ya.. whoever you are.”

Luna looks over, "Oh that's someone from my world, one of my best friends. Hinata Solaire."

“Ah. Neat!” Bunbun replies.

“Got it!” Margaret says as she finishes up the picrew, “Here you go! This is what I could get close to what I looked like.” Margaret shows Hinata her phone.

"Oh wow, that's really pretty!" Hinata is extremely gay.

“Awww thanks!” Margaret blushes a bit. “I mean the bioluminescence is a cool upgrade I guess?”

Hinata nods. "I agree."

Luna looks over with a grin. "Hinata, don't think I'll be taking it easy on you during this."

"I wouldn't expect any less, Lulu." Hinata has a smug grin and her hand up to her chin.

“So this is like some fighting tournament in Hell is what I have gathered? How is that working?” Margaret says clueless about exactly what the tournament they are participating in is.

"It's a duos tournament. But I have no idea of any other rules. Assuming single elimination, no mortal wounds." Luna explains.

Hinata looks relieved on hearing no mortal wounds. No need to worry about death right? RIGHT?

"Speaking of partners, you never told me who you got Hina." Luna turns to her.

"Yeah, I was kind of expecting them to be here. Can you check your ITEM real quick?" Hinata says.

Luna does so and looks a bit nervous. "Ah. Hm. I'm sure they just went for a walk or something." Luna says, knowing full well where Violet’s at.

“Everything ok?” Margaret asks.

Luna nods with a smile. "Yup, everything is fine."

Hinata tilts her head but shrugs it off.

“Alright! If you say so.” Margaret exclaims.

"Oh right, I forgot I wanted to show you what I'll be wearing. Wanna see it now or wait til we get there?" Luna asks.

"We'll do it later. Surprise me, Lulu." Hinata grins. Margaret smiles as she looks out the window.

Bunbun is listening to sea shanties while looking upon the hellscape of Twitter.

A few hours pass as Luna takes a power nap, Hinata plays something on her phone, Lima heads outside, and Cole eventually goes to the living room. Hinata looks up and sees Cole. "Oh hello." she waves to Cole.

A wizard walks in through the front door.

"...Uhm. Lunes, what is that... uh that thing?" Hinata taps Luna's shoulder.

Roxy phases through the ceiling “This House Has People In It” style and falls to the floor “Gibby iCarly” style. "Hey party people I'm ready for the turnamit" The wizard is crushed in the process.

Hinata's eyes widen at the sudden 'critter' death.

Margaret is very confused about the wizard and their death and Roxy’s entrance

Luna looks over at Roxy, facepalming. "Nice entrance, Rox."

Roxy slides off the wizard involuntarily. It's a slippery wizard.

Cole blinks at the rapid amount of events that have just happened.

The wizard is safe! It honks!

Hinata is just sitting on the couch confused. Overstimulated as well. "is it always this chaotic here Lulu?" she asks.

"Yup, welcome to [the kiss] house," Luna replies.

Spider appears leaning against the wall, they look...tired

"Oh hey, Spider," Luna says and waves.

Hinata just sorta stares into space.

Bunbun is still jamming out to music, this time listening to salsa music.

"I could weaponize orange juice....." Cole mutters.

"Make mint-flavored toothpaste that turns into orange juice," Luna suggests.

Spider holds a hand up in greeting at Luna but doesn't say anything

“That just sounds terrible,” says Margaret.

"....oh my god Luna you are a genius." Cole's eyes light up.

Lima walks in.

Hinata applauds Luna, but Luna just feels awkward as fuck.

“Eh, that taste isn’t that bad,” Bunbun says with a shrug.

"Silence, you've tasted far more unholy things," Cole snaps, staring at Bunbun.

"Unho-- you know what? I've learned it's better not to ask." Hinata shudders.

“Listen: when you’re lost at sea, you tend to get creative.” Bunbun continues.

"Noted. Don't get lost at sea." Hinata reasons. Luna chuckles.

"Christ" Cole shakes his head and mutters. Lima watches in concern.

“You make do with what you have, that‘s all I gotta say,” Bunbun says.

"Just....just be quiet." Cole sighs heavily.

Hinata senses things are rather awkward, so she tries to change the subject. "So! Uh, it's nice to meet you all. I'm Hinata Solaire, a Luna based on a shiba inu." She removes the bonnet on her head to reveal her ears. Yellow and slightly pointy.

Cole nods and looks over at Hinata. "Hello Hinata, I'm Cole as you might already know."

Hinata nods. "I've heard a lot about you from Lulu. You're really really cool."

Margaret sees the Shiba Inu ears and looks at them in awe. "Awwww! The ears are so cute!"

Cole pauses as he's stunned a little from being called cool by someone outside the house. "....thank you"

Hinata blushes a bit from the compliment and her tail wags a little bit. "Thank you, Margaret. And you're welcome Cole."

“A Shiba Inu? Hell yeah! That’s cool.” Bunbun says.

"I'm not entirely sure why my creators picked that. I was made like 15 years before the doge meme." Hinata shrugs.

“Well, Shiba’s are cute. A lot of people like them.” Bunbun adds.

Margaret is still in awe. "I know right? The ears are so cute!"

“Can confirm, they are cute. Also, you’re Margaret right?” Bunbun asks.

Hinata’s tail wags intensify. They're even hitting Luna who sits right next to her. "Th-thank y-youu,," She is clearly not used to the attention.

"Yep! Margaret Summers at your service!"

“Nice to meet ya, I’m Bunbun! It's pretty cool to meet a fellow bunny of the sea.”

Margaret gives a smile "Nice to meet you Bunbun!"

Roxy starts vibrating. The wizard curls up nearby the TV. Lima is praying to be rescued from this accursed abode.

Oleander walks into the room and sits next to the wizard, petting it. The wizard purrs...

Luna and Hinata are playing each other in Super Mario Kart on the TV. It's just like the old days but minus the crippling depression and total loneliness.

They hear Komm Susser Tod coming from outside, but it’s in broken Japanese.

"Why do I hear Komm Susser Tod?" Luna is bobbing her head to the side while listening to it. Not bad at all.

Lock walks out and stays near the wall, watching everyone. Hinata has beaten Luna 5-0. While celebrating, she turns around and sees Lock. "Uhhhhhhhhhh Luna? Who is that?"

"Oh her? That's Lock. She's a nonferal." Luna says.

"Non-what???" Hinata asks, confused.

Oleander is spaced out. He's wearing transmasc swag. Lima stares at Oleander judgingly.

Delta enters the living room from the hallway, stretching as he walks.

Delta is a 7', jacked himbo with dark greyish fur. He has a green-painted skull face with sturdy horns and glowing, neon-green eyes. Lots of scarified Δ tattoos. He's wearing his patched-up sleeveless leather jacket, some comfy-looking sweatpants, and a black baseball cap with "TEAM BADASS" emblazoned on the front. He smiles, and waves at Hinata and Luna (the first people he sees) with his rather sizeable paws and green-painted claws. His tail naturally wags from side to side.

"Oh, hey! You're that anime girl I saw at the front door earlier. Nice cosplay, dude. Is it, uhhh... Alice?? Alice Margatroid??? No, she's blue. Grr..." Delta leans on the doorway, looking up at the ceiling in thought, trying to figure out who Hinata is.

Cole slowly looks over at Delta.

"LambdaDelta from Umineko." Hinata replies.

Margaret is now more confused "What..."

Hinata is only now just noticing the absolute fucking unit of a... uh dog thing in the room. Her eyes widen, but she's seemingly excited.

“HELLLLLLO SAILOR-“ Bunbun interrupts herself by quickly putting her hand over her mouth.

"Oh hey Del!" Luna waves.

Delta looks down at her with a big smile. "YES. I SUCK AT THAT GAME SO BAD. It's one of the few fighting games people can kick my ass in!!! Actually, I suck at Fatal Fury too, but that's beside the point!!! Gah, it sucks, too, because Terry is cool as fuck." He huffs and walks over to Cole, waving back at Luna as he does. "Genesone."

Lima stares judgingly.

Cole clears his throat and stares up at Delta, "Person I probably haven't met."

"I was in the last tournament. Satan's been talking some hot shit about how you're gonna kick ass like last time, y'know that? Don't let your old man down!!!" Delta flicks Cole's nose.

Cole smiles and chuckles. "I never disappoint, either I win or go down in a flaming ship.”

One of the empty outlets on the wall begins to spark as a viscous black fluid seeps to the floor. Once a small puddle of it has accumulated, it stops flowing and begins to coagulate. A white flame covers it before going out, Raine standing in its place in his typical attire. "Tourney time?"

Margaret is now SUPER confused "Wait- Raine?!"

The wizard flickers.

"...holy shit what is this place Lulu?" Hinata asks, a bit overstimulated.

"Hello, Margaret. See Limbo's treated ya well." Raine says as he folds his hands behind his back.

Delta pulls out a Blackberry cellphone with one of those slide in slide out keyboard things and reads a text… "Oh, Rham's on his way apparently." Delta looks to Cole. "Can you message people to tell 'em to cram in here!!!"

"What- How... You look... different! I mean you’re not Autumn? And you’re like... black and white?" Margaret says to Raine, confused.

"On it." Cole nods, texting people to get them to the house.

Spider zones back in.

Bunbun has been trying to remove her hand from covering her mouth, it’s very cartoony.

Oleander looks to Raine and stands up. "You’re trans too, aren’t you."

Hinata is sitting on the couch next to Luna.

"Watch this," Raine says as Claire, now in the same outfit she wore last tournament, falls out of Raine as he turns to look at Oleander. "Yeah. Did my own surgeries and everything." Claire and Roxy are on the floor.

"...holy crap Raine. I can't even imagine what that felt like." Luna cringes visibly.

"What- I- Autumn? If you’re... and he’s not... then how are you...?" Margaret asks, confused as fuck.

Kade enters with Harmonia on his shoulders.

Raine’s teeth move independently of his mouth as he speaks. "It felt viscous and sticky."

"Viscous and sticky.. Right." Luna says.

"That happens to me sometimes," Kade adds.

Claire does not have any Impurity or Heavenfire on her. She is on the floor.

"Damn, Daniel did my top surgery," Oleander says to Raine.

Harmonia is slumped over Kade's shoulder.

Claire gets up and picks Roxy up. Roxy wardrobe-ifies into a purple FANCY witchy dress and witch hat with purple azaleas. Shadow wizard money gang... we LOVE casting spells… Honestly just think Erika Furudo's dress but purple and black rather than pink and white.

Rham opens the front door and sticks his head in. White scaled, black eye'd crocodile guy. "Outside outside outside!!! I'm too damn big for the house, but it's IMPORTANT!!!" He slunks outside.

Delta stares at the door, then follows. "Alright."

Luna clicks a button on her phone to turn into her Bernkastel outfit, but oddly enough, she's still a sloth demon. It's a black and white gothic Lolita dress, with a blue ribbon on her waist. There is a blue ribbon on her tail too.

"Should I join?" Margaret asks.

Kade stares at the feminine people in the room with his big, man-ness.

"So lemme see here, we got Erika, Lambdadelta, and now Bernkastel," Luna comments.

Raine wardrobe-ifies Harmonia into the outfit she wore last tournament, a red leotard/corset with black accents and a heart-shaped boob window.

Cole stares at Kade while following Delta.

"Oh yeah, outside." Kade heads OUT.

Everyone heads outside.

Outside, Raine walks over to Margaret and hands her an envelope, and audibly smiles.

Margaret looks at the letter, opens it up, and reads it.

It's a picture. It is of Willow's grave, next to Margaret's, but Willow's is dug, and Margaret's is fresh. The dates are blurred, the surroundings are black, and the tombstones read their name in a language Margaret wouldn't understand but does. Raine walks away.

Raine whispers to Claire what he just did and she starts to cackle.

Margaret looks at Raine and back to the letter, as she starts to tear up. She gives Raine the death stare. "I guess monsters never change..." Margaret mutters.

As these SHEEPLE walk outside, they see Rham and Delta talking to each other. Rham is a 17', respectfully fat crocodile man. He's got a huge fucking snout. His scales are bone white but fade into a black tar color from his elbows and knees down. His claws are pretty harmless looking and he's got a snaggletooth or two. Beady pitch-black eyes too. He's wearing a fancy red pinstripe suit and has a spiffy hat to top off the outfit. No shoes tho. His tie is REAL. It's a REAL TIE. He TIED IT. ANYWAY. He looks at the group and smiles. "Glad to see ya guys. Y'all ready for some business shit? It's pretty damn important!"

"Business shit?" Hinata is slowly starting to get comfortable around all the weird people.

"You're tellin me I have to READ???" Kade complains.

Cole groans. “Fucking paperwork.”

Rham looks down at Hinata. "You're new. Don't worry about it! The people who have been in tournaments before, come here..." He gestures for them to come towards him, kneeling down to LOOK at them. Pulling out some papers and pens...

Luna nods to Hinata and walks over to Rham. Bunbun follows. Cole pulls out his own fucking pen fuck you Rham. Kade gets closer but not really. Everyone else heads over.

Rham frowns at Cole. He hands out the paperwork to the returning gladiators. "Sign this paper." It's a blank piece of paper.

Luna looks it over with confusion, "Uhm, why?"

Kade signs. It's the shittiest fucking signature you've ever fucking seen in your entire fucking life.

It's Cerberus's probably. Everyone signs in their own way.

"Merch! Money! The likes." Rham responds. He looks at Cole. "How much did I pay y'all last time?"

Luna sends a telepathic message to Cole. {"$5.7M"}

Cole shrugs. "Five million, seven thousand dollars.”

After everyone is done, Rham steals the papers… "Thank youuu...." He stands up, shoving the papers in his pockets.

"Alright!!! I'm taking y'all to the spot because this tournament... is under MY control this time! It's gonna be GREAT!"

He gives a big laugh, cracking his knuckles. "So, who's ready??" He looks down, realizing the reality of the situation, that everyone is goofing off. A bunch of hooligans. "...you fuckin... children."

Kade cracks his neck and shoulders "As ready as I'll ever be."

"Can I come to watch?" Margaret asks.

"We're ready!" Luna and Hinata say this in perfect unison, somehow.

Rham stares at Bunbun. Disapprovingly. Then looks at Margaret. "Sure!" Margaret smiles at Rham as she looks back sadly at the photo.

Rham sighs. "No point in loitering." Rham pulls out a shitty business flip phone. He calls someone. "Hey, Bud. Yeah. Mhm. We're good here. Need a door. Thanks." The Important Tree becomes mostly just a silhouette of the tree made with static. As in the tree is static. It makes a static sound. Raine and The Wizard fall immediately into the static.

"Go on! Everyone, file in! Shoo!!!"

Everyone either walks or jumps in. Delta and Rham follow behind everyone else. The tree returns to normal.