January 15, 2023

There is a knock at the front door of Harmonia’s house.

Cole stays leaning against Isaac and slowly looks over at the door with a groan.

Spider’s ear twitches at the knock as she opens the door.

Sparrow is standing on the porch with the cloak on and hood up.

Spider’s jaw clenches slightly as she takes a step back not saying anything. She's gonna need a bit to get over yesterday.

Cole's eyes flicker to purple but he stays leaning against Isaac.

Sparrow stays quiet while watching Spider. They take a deep breath and their gaze moves over to Sparrow’s wrist. “Where is it?”

"It’s on me but I’m not going to use it." Sparrow responds.

Spider looks over at Cole muttering a few swears under their breath. "..ok..ok, do you wanna take this away from Cole? Cause I have no interest in fighting either of you right now."

"No, I need both of you here."

Cole narrows his eyes at Sparrow. "What do you want from me?" he says with a tired voice, one with a hint of fear.

Spider starts fiddling with the ring again as they continue watching Sparrow. "I would have worded it differently, but what he said."

Sparrow looks down. "I wanted to apologize." Lock’s ears perk up.

Cole's eyes relax slightly as he clears his throat quietly. "Go on." Spider looks torn at that as they continue to remain quiet.

"I went a bit far and started tearing apart the relationships I wanted to keep. At first, I wasn't, but now I'm in the wrong." Sparrow says.

Cole nods a little as he shifts how he's sitting.

"...I agree with you on that last part, though… a bit far is putting it fucking lightly." Spider groans.

"To be fair it started with a beheading, I'd say that's a pretty fucking far start dear!"

Spider sighs, their gaze now locked on Sparrow's wrist. "And you know how much I regret that...but fair enough..."

Cole's eyes swap back to hazel as he watches Sparrow's movements closely.

"I don’t know what I was doing," Sparrow says.

Cole mutters under his breath, "Clearly."

"I don't either, but ..fuck I dunno.." Spider trails off, ears flattening.

"I don’t expect you guys to accept the apology," Sparrow says.

"Stupid fucking emotions," Spider mutters before speaking up, "I just... I don't know Sparrow."

"Very well dear."

Cole groans and stands up. "I mean, to be fair, you did infect me with a virus that made me fight everyone and almost got me killed, so forgive me if I'm not believing the words coming out of your mouth at the moment."

"I want to forgive you...but after yesterday I'm gonna need a minute." Spider takes another deep breath. "Christ, is this what it felt like for you?"

"And I’m sorry for that, it was an overreaction." Sparrow looks over at Cole.

"Overreaction is certainly a word but not one I would use for forcibly turning someone against their peers," Cole mutters not so quietly.

Sparrow nods and stays quiet.

"But let's say I did accept your apology. Does that mean last night fades into smoke and disappears?" Cole shakes his head "No it doesn't. Like a skinny twinkish dog boy once said, just because something is forgiven doesn't mean it's forgotten."

"Adding onto that, I would like to add a condition… just for a while." Spider looks really conflicted.

"As I said, you don't have to accept it Cole, and very well, what is it dear?" Sparrow looks back to Spider.

"You don't wear that sodding thing anywhere near me, ...I just can't take it right now...but I'll accept your apology… I mean I did fuck up first."

"If I even can," Sparrow says.

Spider nods, "I'll accept that." They just sorta stand there unsure what to do next, torn between hugging her and self-preservation.

Cole is unsure if he should say more or just keep quiet as he glances at Spider and Sparrow.

"Ok...thank you, dear." Sparrow nods.

Cole folds his arms while debating something, quietly muttering something about souls.

"So," Spider sighs, finally looking up to meet Sparrow's gaze, “Are you still drifting around in the woods?"

"Pretty much." Sparrow nods.

Cole quietly mutters, "I have a theory..."

"Hm?" Sparrow looks over at Cole.

Spider shrugs starting to walk over to the sofa.

"So Sparrow, I think there's something wrong with your soul." Cole then quickly says, "nonferalwhowantstogethitwithafryingpansayswhat?"


"Close enough." Cole snaps a frying pan into his hand and smacks Sparrow across the face with it.

Sparrow collapses with a loud wack. Cole drops the frying pan and plunges his hand into Sparrow's chest and fishes around for a soul. He finds one.

"Did you really have to knock her lights out?" Spider growls lightly at him.

"Well either way she would have collapsed. At least this way she won't remember." Cole yanks Sparrow's soul out. “Anyways."

"Cole, seriously? You're just gonna set her off again."

Sparrow’s soul is vastly different from before. It looks like a normal human soul, a white orb but with a slight pink glow. Lock’s jaw drops slightly.

"Why is it PINK?" Cole stares at it.

"...what" Spider looks over at the soul. "Pink’s her favorite color so that's my best guess."

"Also this looks like a normal human soul, where is Sparrow's normal soul?" Cole looks confused.

"Maybe that is her normal soul, it’s just changed again?" Spider tilts their head slightly.

"How did you change her soul? What did that?" Lock asks in the same realm of confusion as everyone else.

"I didn't change her soul, and I'm not sure." Cole inspects Sparrow's soul for anything strange but doesn’t find anything.

Krystal walks in and her eyes are purple. "So pink soul?"

Cole nods, "Pink soul." He stares at the soul. He's thinking about taking a nibble.

"Uhhh what are you doing?" Krystal's head tilts.

"But what lead to it changing???" Lock continues.

Spider clocks him and snarls, “Don’t you fucking dare.”

Cole grunts but doesn't drop the soul due to his grip. "Fucker, fine I'll be surgical about it." He draws his combat knife as the blade melds and changes to a smaller scalpel-like blade.

Krystal sits on the couch thinking about everything. Normally, this is Luna's job, but they may as well try while she's unavailable.

"You hurt her and I swear to god, as for what caused it to change...my best guess is that it was what lead to her apologizing to us." Spider adds.

"The fact that Sparrow managed to apologize at all minus any extraneous insults or similar is really interesting," Krystal says.

"I’m going to ask Orpheus to yell at me." Lock says deadpan.

"I've sliced and diced souls before, I know what I'm doing." Cole starts to slowly cut a small piece before dropping the knife and chomping a chunk off a quarter of the soul. It tastes like cotton candy and melts some in his mouth.

Krystal literally cannot believe her eyes. She blinks a few times to make sure she's not dreaming. Nope, not dreaming. "So..."

Spider grits her teeth glaring at Cole as a low growl can be heard.

"Wait, wait." Cole puts his hand up as he smacks his lips. "It tastes like cotton candy"

"So. Uhm. I assume there's a valid reason as to why you tasted Sparrow's soul? I don't understand soul things, unfortunately." Krystal sighs.

"Mhm." Cole walks over to Sparrow and puts her soul back in. "It should fix her from my calculations"

"Strange. But Lunes trusts your judgment so I shall too." Krystal nods.

"..and what do you mean by fix her?" Spider asks.

"You'll see...maybe hopefully." Cole heals Sparrow and then goes back to where he was sitting

Spider looks like they want to say more but stay quiet for now, fiddling with her ring.

Sparrow wakes up.

Cole glances over at Sparrow then goes back to checking the blade on his obsidian scythe that he totally didn’t forget he had.

Spider looks over at her. "Sparrow?"

"Hm? What?" Sparrow glances over.

"Oh hey." Krystal waves.

Spider pauses before speaking "You ok?"

"Yeah?...why was I on the floor again?" Sparrow gets up and straightens the cloak.

"Tripped." Cole shrugs.

Krystal looks over at Cole and sighs.

Spider mutters something to themselves sounding very annoyed.

"Um, do you need help getting up Sparrow?" Krystal asks

Lock gets up and quietly leaves the room.

"I’m ok, thank you dear" Sparrow replies.

Krystal looks down at their laptop and mutters something about deja vu.

"So what happened yesterday, Sparrow?" Cole looks up from his scythe.

"Uhm....right, right, that fight, I came here to apologize"

Spider doesn’t say anything, still using the ring as a stim toy.

Krystal is typing on Luna's laptop, and adding notes about the soul.

Cole groans and quickly gets up, "I uh I gotta go handle something I'll be right back." He then briskly walks into the hallway.

"Of course." Krystal sighs. Spider does the same, calling it ‘typical.’

"I’m sorry for how I acted. It was uncalled for," Sparrow repeats.

Krystal nods. "And we're sorry for not stopping... that. We need to stop being so passive to everything around us." It really is a weakness of hers. "Luna and I forgive you, Sparrow."

Sparrow heads out. "I’ll get out of your hair for now" She leaves.

"Take care of yourself out there Sparrow!" Krystal waves.