January 17, 2023

Right on the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi…

Large waves begin crashing over shore, larger cracks appearing in the sky with loud crashes. A large object looms over the water. Large. It is visible a few hundred miles away. Probably visible from the windows of Harmonia's house.

Spider appears on the shore just checking the situation out. Luna appears right next to Spider casually. Kade is in the distance. Cole appears next to Luna and says, "Hmm."

The object appears to be a colossal, ring-like shape laying horizontal in the air and spinning around. There are many large armlike structures hanging down off of it as it slowly spins clockwise in place. The arms are pretty much the size of skyscrapers if that gives you a sense of scale for the rest of this thing. The ring itself appears to be made of dark wood, amber stuck around the bark, and some plant life growing here and there. The wood appears to be wet, almost like it was under the water it's floating above. It sounds like it's breathing.

Kade is rapidly approaching but is still a bit too far to be seen. He manages to look at it and is too busy running to verbally react. Luna is just looking up, completely unsure what to even say. She's speechless, utterly silent. Her thoughts would be silent as well, but Krystal is freaking out.

Cole stares up at it as he mutters, "Be not afraid?"

"What the hell is that?" Spider asks.

Suddenly, another shape appears in the sky. A much smaller one. Much darker. It looks like... a jet? And then another. And another. A stream of missiles is shot at the ring. They explode on impact. As the smoke clears, the group can see the ring undamaged. Large eyes on the surface of the wood, deep red irises, but the pupils... hollow. Full of several rows of human teeth. Everyone who gazes into its pupils hears the name, Patientia. And he begins to scream.

Violet arrives. “What in the- IS THAT A THRONE?!”

Kade is considerably closer, but still in the distance. He's looking a little red.

Cole's eyes widen as he mutters slightly louder, "Being afraid, being afraid!"

Luna gazes into its eyes as she grunts in pain from the scream. She snaps her fingers and transforms into her MG form.

Spider yelps at all the loud sounds covering their ears though they keep eye contact with the thing.

Kade takes a break to breathe.

Cracks can be heard in the distance as more explosions happen on the surface of the ring and the arms, more jets and aircrafts showing up in the sky around it. In the distance, they can see tanks parked, aimed at Patientia.

It begins to spin faster as another, a thinner ring appears inside the main one, spinning around fast. It's golden with many bright blue eyes in a straight line all along it.

The mouths in the pupils of the main eyes open as beams of plasma are shot out in the directions of the tanks and aircrafts, missing a few but hitting a few and causing a lot of collateral damage. A couple of buildings topple, and this continues as it begins to move closer to the shore.

Violet thinks hard, causing all who watch to see vines come down from her crown and it makes a giant battle axe with green highlighting it. “What in the world is going on?!”

Kade is just trying to fucking survive. After a while he finally manages to catch up to the rest of them, collapsing on his knees immediately. Luna is just trying not to die. Violet is dodging what she can. Cole's jacket rips as a shield forms as he presses against his right temple and tries to tell the military to wave off Spider is just doing their best to avoid all the chaos.

Patientia draws closer as the plasma beams flicker into simple flames which flicker out as it reaches shore. It's no longer being bombed, but it's definitely spotted The Kiss and Violet. Tears begin to seep from its eyes as the middle ring aligns perfectly with the cracks in the sky, shooting plasma upwards, further breaking them open. Soon, the crack takes up the majority of the overhead sky, a deep, dark black with a blue aurora flickering overhead, constellations visible.

The plasma stops as Patientia starts using its arms to topple buildings, seemingly focused on Cole and Violet the most, while definitely keeping eyes on Spider, Luna, and Kade.

Boss music: W9JHMP5jNws

Kade is covered in sweat and coughs heavily. He meekly mutters, "Don't- Don't let me fucking do that again ever." He wheezes, before standing up and leaning back, clearly shaky in his footing as he gets physically hotter.

Violet is thinking OH SHIT. Her focus gets away from her and her weapon turns to bramble as she attempts to dodge. “What the heck man?!”

Cole is doing his best to dodge the attacks as his eyes dart around Patientia looking for a possible weakness.

"Right, battle time." Luna takes a deep breath and enters hyperfocus as a purple fiery aura surrounds her. She gets on her broomstick and attempts to dodge any attacks thrown at her. Shoutouts to increased mobility.

As it lowers towards them, the arms drag on the asphalt of the streets, getting caught on streetlights and buildings, bleeding large amounts of… Plain red, human blood.

Kade continues getting hotter, before he combusts into flames and smoke, right as one of the collapsed buildings conveniently "lands" on him. Pawed claws rip it in two from the middle as Cerberus begins to emerge from it. "I𝓣'𐊖 𝞐𝙱𝛰𝔘𝓣 𝗗ᴀꓟⲚ ꓔ𝑙𝜧𝔼."

Spider’s keeping an eye on the arms just avoiding getting hit by anything for now

"It bleeds...." Cole notes the blood as he tries his best to avoid getting hit.

"Hm. It can bleed eh? Okay, bet." Luna continues to weave and dodge.

Patientia screeches as it reaches out for Cerberus. A mix of saliva and tears drip from its eyes as more buildings are toppled solely because of it moving. Its arms look oddly feminine! Just. dirty. Overgrown with plant life.

Luna enchants her twin katanas on her back with her psychic magic and launches them at the arms, ripping and slicing at them from a distance. "Psychic Katana Slice!"

It hits, creating two large cuts in the flesh. Blood comes out in a cascade, nearly flooding the street. It does not react to the attack with anything more than a scream.

Cerberus huffs out some smoke as he tries to stay out of reach of the arms, picking up a building. "ⅅ𝕿ᗪ𝕹'⊤ ℙⅬ𝙰𝙽 ୦𝕹 𝙡𝑇 𝕻𝐄١𝐍𝔾 𝐻𝞐ɴD𝑆𝓨."

Luna continues to slice and dice at the arms while also dodging any attacks on her broom.

Cole draws his M1 Thompson and opens fire at its open wounds while watching Cerberus closely.

More cuts are applied to the arms, and it shifts its attention to Luna. Beams of plasma are shot in her direction from the middle ring as Patientia uses its arms and the buildings for momentum to rise higher into the sky.

Violet is focusing on dodging and Cerberus throws the building directly at it. Cole continues shooting.

Luna zips away from the plasma beams, choosing to stand in front of a far-off building, then teleporting out of the way. "Get baited!"

The eyes start to have small cracks forming in them from the bullets. The building hits Patientia, falling to the ground afterward. Patientia stays airborne, pieces of the wooden exterior of the main ring falling off to reveal the silver underneath, engravings of various Hebrew phrases on it. They're obscured by the rest of the wood, though. Patientia screams as it launches itself at Cerberus, more gold rings appearing inside the main one.

Cerberus's main head blinks a few times at the scream and sees it come after him. He outstretches his arms in an attempt to catch Patientia.

Luna returns the katanas back to her and swaps her element to ice. She creates many spears with her ice magic and launches them at the eyes with her psychic magic. "Take this! Icicle Spear!"

Cole reloads with malicious intent as he focuses fire on the rings.

Cerberus is able to catch Patientia by the bottom lip of the ring, although roughly. He's literally 1/6 the height of the ring alone, 50ft to 300ft. He can notice the eyes are made of porcelain, and the irises are made of... a strange substance he's never seen before. The eyes feel familiar… The mouths start opening and closing rapidly as they're hit with the ice. The rings spin rapidly as they're shot at. Cerberus slowly gets splashed with blood, saliva, and tears as the arms drag across the pavement, toppling some buildings to the side to try to get ahold of Cerberus.

Cerberus is luckily refreshed by the blood while Kade is ignoring the tears and saliva as best he can, but the left head clearly looks distraught. He can't help but look at the eyes for a bit longer, as the right head looks to the others



Patientia screams in response, though slightly sounding like a sob near the end. It continues to try to reach for Cerberus, contorting its limbs to do so.

"Do it Cerb!" Luna prepares to continue to dodge, removing hyperfocus to focus on her evasion instead of attack.

"GO FOR IT BOSS BITCH!!” Cole says while going shooting at the enemy.

"ჿ𝗡𝑵Ӏ𐌕." Cerberus grins as best he can, as he quickly climbs in height, making sure to not disturb any of the other KISS members in the process. He's also doing his best to dodge any hold as it reaches out to him. He's currently at 150ft in a short time but is quickly getting taller as he tries to get more of a grasp on the ring. "It kinda sounds like it's. crying.." Kade comments.

Patientia lets out another scream as it thrashes slightly, trying to knock Cerberus over. He leans back, getting pushed back a bit but not yet pushed over. He's taller though! More sturdy.

Cerberus grabs onto the top lip of the ring, causing him to feel bumps and dips on the other side. It starts to shake as the inner rings spin rapidly, shooting out what are essentially beams of blue fire in all directions.

Cerberus can't help but feel curious as to what the bumps and dips are, but immediately gets distracted when Patientia starts shaking and shooting out beams. More smoke starts to seep from the heads as they start to focus. "ꓑ𝕷𝔸ꓬI𝒩ԍ 𝖶𝕴𝞽ℌ 𝖥𝓘ꭱ⋿, 𝗔𝚁𝖤 𝐖𝗘?"

The arms start to spasm wildly, trying to both push itself away from and grab Cerberus at the same time. It begins to rain blood from the crack in the sky.

The blood is helping heal and empower Cerberus. He's way taller which makes the battle much easier now, but he’s not exactly matching Patientia’s height just yet. He manages to get close enough to huff red hot flames onto some portion of it with all three heads.

The wood begins to burn with that, though the flames become blue upon spreading to the wood. Patientia screams, finally managing to grab Cerberus' arm with one of its own, squeezing down on it hard.

The pressure is enough to cause the left held to yelp and the middle to exhaust MORE flames onto it, likely breaking a bone in the process. The body leans in and tries to grasp onto the wrist of the arms that are squeezing, digging his claws into it.

As Cerberus is focused on that, they feel something squeeze down on the neck of the right head.

Then nothing from the right head. Then pain. Patientia screams.

Where the right head once was, over that shoulder, is one of Patientia's bloodied hands.

The remaining heads eyes go empty. All of the eyes lose their color, showing nothing but empty sockets as what remains of the right is nothing but a bloody stump, including the bloodied hands of Patientia.

It aches.

Cerberus’ free arm shakily begins to grasp the hand that held the former head, before digging his claws into it and tearing out the arm at full force.

Patientia’s arm cleanly tears off, bone and all. It screams, sounding a lot more like a cry. Tears and saliva and blood pour out into the street. The rings spin faster.

Cerberus drops it on the ground, easily climbing in height to match it now, as he fully grabs onto one of the rings. From his body, there's a loud cracking of bone restructuring itself, another pair of arms extending, appearing the same as his main ones.

Cerberus strains, breaking the ring he grabbed onto. The ring cracks clean down, top to bottom. The rest stop moving. Patientia stops moving. Stops breathing. Stops screaming.

Cerberus drops the remnants of Patientia but doesn't seem satisfied with it nonetheless. He starts ripping Patientia’s body to shreds and pulling out all of its limbs, causing some more damage to the surrounding area in the process.

Some of the pieces of the ring that get torn out have the inner side visible. The inner portion of the ring had a repeating pattern indented into it, over, over, and over. And it's Claire's face.

“Is it over?” Violet looks around with her guard up and is freaked out with some injuries from fallen debris.

Luna is just confused.

Cole peeks his head out from behind his shield. “Huh?”

Violet walks over and sees the Claire face implant thing. “What in the… that’s… weird…”

"So... uhm." Luna is just totally confused.

Violet looks to see if there is anything to scavenge from the creature

Cerberus is still going at it. Many buildings are being crushed in the process as he rampages, just to make sure it's entirely dead and ruined. Afterward, he takes a step back, pretty much covered in blood, concrete, and other residues. Smoke brims from the remaining heads as he breathes heavily, before giving a loud cackle, his body still quaking as he consistently huffs out breaths of smoke and the smell of brimstone.

Luna floats down to the creature after Cerberus stops and looks to see if there's any loot. She sure as heck didn't get any EXP from it.

No loot, just a lot of Nephilim bits.

Violet looks to see if the jets are still around, but they were called off over two hours ago. “I’m curious why they attacked… why now? Were they after something or someone?”

"God bless America," Cole mutters.

Cerberus is still breathing heavily, covered in blood as the right head steadily begins to regrow.

A shaky paw starts to reach out for his left head, rather than his right, as color quickly returns to each of the head's eyes. "......𝕳𝙼."

"Maybe it had to do with that shared nightmare we had?" Luna theorizes.

"It's possible." Cole nods

"Anyway, uhm, I'm gonna go back home and shower. The blood is starting to crust on my skin.." Luna disappears.

“Alright! Bye!” Violet is just looking around for anything that might look of importance from the creature or surrounding area

Cerberus blinks slowly, before slowly starting to walk towards the house quietly. He's tracking blood everywhere.

Cole points at Cerb, "YOU NEED A BATH!”

"𝕹𐊒, 𝔽ᑌℭ𝔎 𝓞𝖥𝔽!!!!"

"Language smh." Cole shakes his head and disappears.

Violet looks around one last time. On finding nothing, she flies home.