The pair arrive at the door to the library, and Stolas opens the door. "After you."

Catherine enters, glancing around. "God it's fucking cold here."

Stolas follows. "You are made of a material that gets cold easily, so.." He closes the door and begins looking through the V shelf. "Vi... Violence... Hm..."

"Yeah well, it's normally not an issue." Catherine shivers, holding the phosphophyllite close. "Found anything useful?"

"Found a book on restoration." Stolas pulls it out of the shelf. It's not too thick, maybe a couple of hundred pages at most. "It's got instructions for different types of gems. I'll see if it has phosphophyllite in there." He flips to the index. "...Yup, okay. It does."

Catherine walks over, leaning over his shoulder to see what it says.

"See there? We need to reassemble her fully, and if we don't have enough we can use other gems. Then we have to plant her in the ground and wait a week." Stolas looks at her. "...Would you be willing to use some of your pieces? We'll also use Impurity because that'll be less taxing."

Catherine nods. "Sure. Are there any negative effects to using my pieces?"

"It might hurt a little for you? It may also influence her personality slightly, but..." Stolas points to a paragraph. "It says here that the most it would influence would be how she feels about you, mostly a sense of longing. Essentially she'd be like a lapdog."

"Hm..." Catherine blushes slightly. "That's fine. Pain isn't something I'm too much of a stranger to."

"Yeah. It'd be no less than normally losing a piece of your gem. Just it'd be a part of someone else, now."

Catherine nods. "Sounds good. So how do we start?"

Stolas puts the book to his side. "Come on," he starts walking to the door, Catherine following.

They enter the hallway, and Stolas starts heading up some stairs where they enter his room. Stolas leads Catherine to a table and begins taking stuff off of it. "Sorry about the mess."

"It's cool. Need help?" She asks with a head tilt.

"That'd be nice," Stolas replies.

Catherine cradles the phosphophyllite in one arm, helping him clear off the desk with her other arm.

Once the desk is cleared off, he puts a sheet over it and gestures for her to lay the gem on the desk.

Catherine does so very gently. She's not sure why she cares so much for this gem but... something about it sparked something in her. They were so brittle... in need of protection. She wanted to protect them.

Stolas begins organizing the pieces. He gets a pretty human-ish shape..! It's missing horns, hands, and just general pieces around the body. "Can you uh.. give me some pieces of you?" Catherine nods, summoning a chisel made of diamond to her hand. She chisels off a few pieces of her arm. "Is that good?"

"Yup, thanks-" Stolas takes it and places some in various portions of Faustus' body. "Think you could fill in the gaps with some Impurity?"

She nods, summoning some impurity and starting to fill the gaps and form hands for Faustus.

Once the body is fully formed, Stolas wraps the sheet around them. "I'll bury them outside and you can pick them up next week, sound good?"

Catherine nods. "They won't wake up before then?"

"They'll dig themselves out. I'll have someone keep watch and bring them inside when they do, and I'll call you over."

Catherine nods again. "Okay. Sounds good."