April 7, 2023

On the coast of South Carolina, numerous mirrors of varying sizes have been washing up over the past couple of days. A humming emanates from some of them, and some of them seem to drip down like a thick liquid.

A motorcycle rolls down the highway and stops at the beach. A young woman steps off, taking off her black helmet. She has pale skin and white hair with black roots showing. Her eyes are a bright blue and she wears dark makeup. She has on a black leather jacket, black jeans, and black boots. Though... some other shiny accessories can be seen.

She looks up to the sky, in which a large crack is slowly forming. It appears to be reflective.

"I'll leave it to that Mississippi group," they sigh. "But... just for good measure..."

They hold out their right hand, a large rifle adorned with phantom quartz appearing in it. A wisp of mist appears as she pulls the trigger, and the reflective crack shatters in several places, creating a loud screech that can be heard hundreds of miles away.

Tomorrow, Faith will arrive.

April 8, 2023

The goopy mirrors have slowly accumulated a puddle in the center of the beach. It slowly begins to take shape, warping into a silvery, gooey humanoid figure. The sky cracks open more, a white sky seen on the other side.

The thousands of mirrors all display the figure, even ones that wouldn't be able to. Faith has arrived.

The cracks in the sky instantly begin to spread out far, carrying a soft ringing tone with them. The cracks are so large that the epicenter of the crack is visible across all of North America.

Cole appears on the beach, still wearing his red suit with a tailcoat that lowers down to his ankles along with the black butler gloves.

Luna slowly flies through the sky and eventually arrives near the beach. She dashes through the city to reach her destination.

Spider appears at the beach.

Violet flies and lands on the beach. She has a friendlier demeanor and wears a white top and a long, green skirt.

Bunbun appears there too, now with 20% more toon!

If any of them look to the mirrors, they'd seem to be drawn to stare at them, to get closer... Faith is unmoving, giggling softly and whispering positive affirmations to herself.

Cole looks anywhere but the mirrors "Ahh it's uh....that's a lot of mirrors..."

Luna ignores all of the mirrors, recognizing something might be off with them. She has her eyes closed, opting to use her sensitive hearing instead.

Spider grumbles upon seeing both Luna and Cole's reactions and does the same as Luna, using pretty much all of her senses asides from her sight now.

Harmonia walks out of the city, cracking her whip to the side. The bones straighten into a straight line as red energy swirled around it, taking the shape of a sword. Harmonia glances at a mirror before running at it, stabbing into it with her sword.

It shatters. More mirrors for Faith to look at her beautiful self in. As it shatters, Faith's reflection looks more humanlike for a split second.

Violet looks at Faith. “Welp let’s get this over with!” Violet flies up to Faith, taking her sword, and trying to slash down on them. It’s unsuccessful and her sword cracks.

Bunbun is staring deeply into one of the mirrors. Logic? What’s that? As a result, Bunbun feels inclined to get closer to the mirror.

Spider's ear flicks at the sound of the mirror shattering and opens her eyes taking care to avoid looking directly at the mirrors. "So that's what we need to do then?"

Luna is trying to find a way to move forward. Using her hearing to sense where Violet attempted to attack, she summons an extremely sharp icicle and launches it where the sound of Violet's sword cracked was, but not hitting Violet.

Bunbun is now touching the mirror she was staring at.

“Hmm.” Violet looks around at mirrors as she throws many thorns, like darts at a dart board, trying to shatter them.

Cole is staring at the sand. "This sand looks very interesting"

The icicle breaks upon impact with the silvery material and the thorns just kinda... dink off.

Bunbun is poking the mirror now! Bunbun's reflection slowly forms into that of a human girl wearing a white dress and makeup. She's smiling, but she seems to have injuries on her arms and neck. Bunbun now feels inclined to attack her fellow teammates.

The sound of hers and Violet's attacks failing interests her. "Hm. Okay, so the enemy is currently impervious to damage. What else?"

"Hang on a sec." Spider pulls her knife/key piece out of her belt and goes to stab the nearest mirror

It shatters. More mirrors for Faith to look at her beautiful self in.

"...what if we disposed of all of the mirrors? If breaking does nothing, then give the boss less to look at." Luna picks up a couple near her and launches them into the water. They sink.

Bunbun throws a flashbang at Luna. “Think fast chucklenuts!”

Luna continues to throw any mirrors she feels into the water with her telekinetic magic. Because her eyes are closed, she cannot dodge the flashbang which temporarily deafens and blinds her. "Owwww?? Who the fuck did that?" It may take some time for her to recover from the flashbang.

There are a lot of mirrors. Faith takes a step closer. "You're not as smart as I am." The mirrors begin to wash back up on shore.

“What if we talk her down? She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips… what if we try down-talking her and her beauty? Or if any of you have any ideas of taking that away from her?” Violet suggests.

Spider shrugs and attempts to sling her knife at Faith aiming for the general chest area.

The loud bang of the flashbang catches Cole's attention as he draws his revolver and turns to face the source of the noise.

Harmonia avoids looking in the mirrors as much as she can, slashing at the mirrors continually, even making the pieces into smaller pieces.

Spider’s knife embeds and Faith pulls it out, throwing it into the ocean. "Malachite is toxic in water, mutt. You may have killed my worthless siblings easily, but I am far better than those inferior brats." The mirrors shatter. More mirrors for Faith to look at her beautiful self in.

Bunbun throws a flashbang near Cole. “I’m feeling a bit quirky today!”

Battle theme: [ 6mMC367L8-U ]

"Can you fucking stop that asshole? I can barely hear as is???" Luna says to who she thinks is Bunbun.

A metal strip slings the flashbang into the water as Cole cocks the hammer back on the revolver. "Feeling quirky enough to get shot? Stop throwing flashbangs."

Spider snarls at Faith as her knife just reappears in her hand.

Faith hugs herself as she looks around at the mirrors, the rest of the ones thrown into the ocean washing back up behind her.

"...this is impossible, what else can be done. Breaking doesn't work, the ocean doesn't work..." Are there buildings nearby? Luna looks around into the sky.

Harmonia is grinding up the pieces with her foot. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt like something might work.

She can no longer look at herself in that mirror. There are a couple of large buildings nearby, hell, even a carnival! Clearly abandoned, though.

“Hmmm… Nah, lol.” Bunbun throws another flashbang!!!! at Violet!!!

Cole fires at Bunbun's chest as Cole groans, "How many of those do you have?"

Violet summons a baseball bat and bada bada bada SWINGS the flash-bang back

Luna starts snapping the mirrors away over to one of the roofs of the nearby building, choosing to keep her eyes closed and using her newly restored sense of hearing and touch to find them.

“Maybe… hey ugly! Why are you obsessed with your mirror-looking self?” Violet says, looking at Faith.

Spider pushes down the urge to murder Violet.

“Oh dear-“ Bunbun is shot and flash banged. She just falls over.

"You're just jealous because you're an ugly moose thing~!" Faith continues looking at herself in the mirror.

“Hmm guess that doesn’t work,” Violet says.

The mirrors are slowly getting thrown away from the boss arena with Luna’s magic.

Harmonias on to another mirror, beating the shit out of it.

The mirrors slowly reappear in the boss arena. Faith can no longer look at herself in the mirror Harmonia has beat into dust.

"Well if you can't beat them," Spider mutters to herself before using both her knife and boot to dust a mirror. Faith can no longer look at herself in that mirror.

Cole exhales heavily and stares at Bunbun as he cocks the hammer back on his revolver and mutters, "You’re just gonna get back up aren't you?"

"Okay, next strategy. We beat the shit out fon the mirrors." Luna just starts beating the shit out of any mirrors near her, using the hilt of her sword to grind them into dust. Violet does the same and so does Spider. Faith can no longer look at herself in those mirrors. There's still. a lot.

Harmonia is still going at it!

“There has got to be a more efficient way of doing this somehow…” Violet says.

Luna's like a machine, just working as fast as she can to destroy the mirrors and remove them from play.

They're gonna be here a while.

Spider growls at Violet as she decides to try something else, taking care not to look at it directly they pick up a mirror and attempt to throw it Faith.

The mirror melts into Faith's goop, becoming part of it. She lets out a small noise.

Bunbun gets back up. “I always come back!” She then throws a PIPEBOMB!!! somewhere. She can’t see. at all.

"You know what? Everyone back up I’m gonna start throwing grenades." Harmonia huffs.

"Make it so Harmonia." Luna defocuses her hearing.

"That seems like a horrible idea.” Cole sighs and shoots at Bunbun again

Violet flies up to get away from the explosions

Spider launches another mirror, and the same thing happens. She’s feeding Faith’s ego.

"...wait, that's it! Spider you're a genius!" Luna takes whatever mirrors that are nearby into her telekinetic magic and throws them into Faith.

Harmonia starts chucking grenades at mirrors.

Bunbun is shot, again, causing her to drop the flashbang she was readying and blow up in her face.

The mirrors hit by grenades shatter into pieces of varying sizes. The ones thrown at her become a part of her. She seems overjoyed.

Luna keeps launching mirrors at Faith.

"....do we have a tarp we can just throw over the mirrors?" Cole looks over at everyone else.

Faith can look at herself so much right now...

Spider sighs. "Yeah..that would be smart wouldn't it.”

The mirrors that are blown up shatter into pieces of varying sizes!!! More mirrors to look at herself in!!!

Luna stops. "Huh. That's a good idea as well."

"Wait… can't I just," Cole's jacket rips massively as metal strips start covering any visible mirrors. The metal is not reflective enough and there’s enough to cover all of them as his jacket is more or less barren in the back.

Harmonia stops bombing and pauses for a moment, before starting to collect and eat the mirror pieces.

Faith can no longer look at herself in the eaten or covered mirrors. There are some mirrors left, but not many. Maybe around 200, including shattered pieces.

“What we just…” Violet summons a huge tarp and places it down over Faith.

She can still see herself. She just kind of. Lifts the tarp off of herself and places it to the side.

Violet unsummons the tarp, it turning to bramble. “Well guess not.”

Harmonia starts eating the pieces as quickly as she could!

Faith can no longer see herself in the eaten mirrors. She starts to walk towards Harmonia.

Luna and Spider continue grinding the mirrors into dust. There are a lot fewer mirrors now. Faith seems to be getting somewhat angry.

Harmonia doesn't notice Faith, she's busy having a yummy mirror feast. Harmonia is slashed in the arm by a large, serrated tendril of the silvery mirror substance.

Faith looks at Luna and Spider with an unreadable expression. Probably because they can't see her face.

Harmonia yells out in pain before turning on Faith, swinging her sword at the Nephilim's throat.

On hearing Harmonia yelling out in pain, Luna gets up and enters a defensive stance.

Faith’s throat cracks slightly. More of a dent, but. Eh. The remaining mirrors turn into liquid, flowing over to Faith and becoming part of her body and forming a halo over her head. She takes a few steps back to where she once was as the liquid slowly drips off the front of her body, creating a large set of four wings.

Under the coating of reflective liquid appears to be a young, "human" girl with a white dress, dark hair, and makeup. What they can see of her neck and limbs appears to be. damaged. Scars, cigarette burns, cuts, and scrapes, all in contrast to her Perfect Face.

"My brother made me beautiful. Even more beautiful than he is. Brother tried making us all beautiful, but he told me I was the most beautiful of all thirteen of us." Faith grins. Her wings flap, sending her up into the sky.

This is Faith, the fifth Nephilim of Vanity.

[ znmA7ZSC-cQ ]

"Ironically, she's the ugliest one yet." Luna mutters and enters MG form.

"You’re ugly bitch!" Harmonia chucks a grenade at Faith.

It explodes close to her, chipping part of one of her wings off. Less mirror to look at. "You're all just jealous of me, everyone's always jealous of me!" Grains of sand start to rain down from the cracks in the sky.

“Oh boy!” Violet summons a dynamite and a lighter, lighting it up and throwing it at Faith.

Luna launches a strong bolt of lightning at one of the wings from her sword. "Thunderbolt."

More pieces of Faith’s wings are broken from that explosion. The thunder doesn't do much damage to the wings but it absolutely fucks up Faith's body more. She lowers slightly.

Harmonia closes her eyes, hissing a bit and chucking another grenade in her direction.

Luna sends another lightning bolt at Faith, continuing to try and bring her down.

Faith is definitely sustaining a lot of damage, lowering more. She seems a lot weaker. Suddenly, her head explodes. She falls to the ground completely and the silver becomes entirely liquid before solidifying over her carcass.

"She was exposed," says a feminine voice from not too far behind the group.

Luna turns around curious about who this is. "Hello?"

Spider turns around her grip tightening on her knife

Violet turns to look as well. “Hm?”

Harmonia turns to look.

"I don't intend to stay and mingle. Your group has... a reputation." Robin walks past them and towards Faith's corpse, aiming her rifle at it. It disappears in a wisp of mist as she pulls the trigger, the silvery mirrors remaining. She turns around and looks at them. "It let its guard down and showed itself. By breaking the mirrors into dust, you gave it nothing to look at itself in, so it was forced to use the stuff coating its body." Robin fidgets with her necklace and holsters her gun, 2/3 of the Ghost Key.

"Killsteal," Luna mutters and resheathes her sword.

"The hottie from my dream..." Harmonia mutters. "So were you just like, watching?" Her weapon disappears.

Spider keeps her weapon in hand. "Wouldn't surprise me"

"Considering you guys have soloed Nephilim before, I had a feeling you could handle it yourself, but it was taking a while. I was surprised you guys figured out the first half, honestly." Robin starts walking off.

“So what’s your name?” Violet calls out

"Don't worry about it."

"Will we see you again?" Luna calls out to them.

Harmonia follows her curiously. "So, who are you?" She asks with a head tilt.

Robin looks back with a smile. "Hopefully never! Again, you guys have a reputation. Hint: it's not a good one!" She does not pay attention to Harmonia.

"Well then, take care of yourself! Don't die out there! And if you need anything, you have a group with a horrible reputation!!" Luna waves.

Spider couldn't care less about any of this and just disappears.

"What's our reputation?" Harmonia asks, still following.

"Bad," Robin is far down the road now.

Luna shrugs and summons her flying whale. "Meet y'all back at home!" And they're gone! Cole follows.

Harmonia’s following the woman. "Elaborate." But when she blinks, Robin is gone in a wisp of mist. She sighs and goes to lie on the beach for a bit.