February 17, 2023

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In a puff of red smoke, Catherine teleports into Kade’s bedroom, covered in blood and smoking. A knife is in her abdomen. She pulls it out and throws it aside, the blade shattering against the bedroom floor.

Harmonia looks up, eyes widening. "Kade-," she says, snapping her whip into her hands and shifting to her demon form.

Kade blinks, immediately getting up to his feet as he stares at Catherine. "THE FUCK?"

Catherine isn't in the mood for theatrics, getting noticeably angrier at the sight of the whip. Red mist starts to filter into the room. For Kade, Catherine morphs into his father. For Harmonia, she morphs into her mother. "YOU'RE BOTH FUCKING PATHETIC! SITTING AROUND HERE AND DOING NOTHING. YOU'RE NOT HEROES," she hisses.

Harmonia stares at Catherine, frozen. She thought she'd gotten over her mother but... evidently not.

Kade flinches, he was prepared to summon his hammer to his side, but he stops in place. A shiver goes through his body as he stares, unable to get a word out. He looks a mix between both confused and scared.

Catherine takes advantage of them being stunned, laughing maliciously as she runs at them, punching them both in their chests with her fists and sending them so hard into the wall it dents it. "Pathetic. Kade made you weak, Cerberus." She spat, summoning vines to try and bind the two against the wall by their wrists and ankles.

Harmonia comes to her senses, flicking out her whip and tightening it around Catherine's ankle, pulling hard to make her trip. She moves to dodge the vines as well, though one catches her ankle.

Kade gives a grunt as he lands on the wall, probably causing something to fracture, but is otherwise struggling for air as he hyperventilates. Despite closing his eyes when he landed on the wall, he resumed staring at Catherine as if she were the only thing that existed. "W-who's face.. are you wearing." He doesn’t move, and he speaks softly.

Catherine lets out a low chuckle, not tripping as she approaches Kade. "Your fathers. The man who murdered you, Kade." She smiles, twisting his father's features. "Don't you remember?" He can see the shotgun in his face.

Harmonia gets desperate, realizing Kades is out for the count, she stands behind Catherine, reaching into her back from her soul. Catherine doesn’t try to stop her as Harmonia realizes there are tens, if not hundreds of souls. She can’t tell the right one. She continues to panic, pulling a random one out. A ticking is heard and before Harmonia can react, the bomb disguised as a soul goes off, blasting Harmonia's upper half into goop. Her body falls to the ground with a thud.

The explosion doesn't affect any objects.

Kade's eyes suddenly flood with tears, his breath quickening as everything unfolds, his body twitching as he physically quakes, gritting his teeth as more tears spill. "I-I..-" He cuts himself off as he shakily stands up to his feet, unable to pry his eyes off of her, nor off of what is left of Harmonia. "I-" He chokes on his words as bits of smoke escapes his clenched teeth, holding onto the wall for support as his eyes flashed a different color for a split second. He manages to stand up again and lunges at her.

Harmonia’s body starts to turn into goop, an assortment of items in said goop.

"THERE WE GO!" Catherine grins, grabbing Kade's shoulders to hold him back. "You are nothing. You're just a lost dog, looking for an owner." She spits, attempting to knee him in the crotch.

It works but it doesn't get much out of him other than a twitch of his eye. He grabs onto her, any inch he can manage, just to dig his claws into her. His body feels hot and he seems a foot taller.

Kade’s claws hit crystal. "Harmonia is dead because of you. Because of how PATHETIC you are!"

He tries to dig them in further nonetheless, his body quaking as tears continued to spill. He starts to try and tear at Catherine in any way he can as he starts to steadily climb in height by the inch and visibly becomes more muscular, his skin stretches as if with any further pressure it would literally tear at the seams.

Catherine just smiles, the vision of his father leaving. "That's all I needed. I feel better now." And she disappears in a puff of red smoke, leaving him with the remnants of Harmonia.

Kade simply collapses to the ground, digging his nails into the back of his head as it pounded with the weight of a full iron anchor. He is panting heavily, heaving for air as his body shakes violently, continuing to climb in height nonetheless.

There was the sound of bone cracking as he held his head, his skin tearing as it stretched, the open wounds gushing blood as some of his veins became more visible, pumping with energy. He whimpers like a dog.

Harmonia teleports in, wearing an oversized nightgown as she runs to Kade’s side. "Kade?? Are you okay??" She asks, looking around for Catherine.

He flinches upon hearing Harmonia, letting out a series of weak whimpering sounds and feral growling.

Harmonias panics and grabs her phone. "J-just take deep breaths- it’ll be okay-"

After a few minutes of time, his breathing slows down, starting to shakily take a few deep breaths, still struggling a fair amount with it.

"You’re good- you’re doing good-" Harmonia says trying to calm Kade down. She tentatively puts a hand on his back.

Harmonia is able to, but he flinches, shaking still as his breathing continues to be unsteady. Something pricks her hand, not enough to draw blood though. Harmonia swears and hugs Kade lightly, not wanting to hurt him more.

He whimpers more but doesn't seem to shake as much as he had at the last touch. She rubs his back.

After a while, his breathing calms down, However, he still seems tense and intent on covering his face. He leans on Harmonia though.

She just holds him. "I'm sorry..."

There's a soft woof and a light whimper, but not much else

She pets him softly. "I love you... it'll be okay.." He leans onto Harmonia even more now. He’s heavy, but she’s a demon and can take it.

"Do you want me to sing to you?" Harmonia asks softly.

Kade stays in place for a moment, before he makes a motion most akin to a nod.

She starts softly singing Everything Stays. He calms down and after a few hours appears relatively normal again. Harmonia falls asleep while cuddling him.