February 12, 2023

A rope is hung from the top window of Solaire’s Castle. It’s not super high up but still a decent way down.

Hinata repels down from the 3rd floor and into the street. When she arrives, she begins fighting off Hallowed with her comically massive fucking mallet, one she calls the MegaBONK!

Violet, who is walking around Meridian, notices the melee and rushes in to help. She summons a giant axe made out of plants and swings it around.

The horde is slowly but surely getting shredded and knocked away. Hinata notices Violet and walks over to greet her with a smile on her face.

Violet unsummons the axe and returns it to brambles, then says, “Hey Hinata! How are you doing? Getting out I see?”

"Haha yeah, nice seeing ya again Violet." Hinata is very very comfortable and fully relaxed around Violet.

“That’s good that’s good. Oh! Got this letter for this tournament and you need a partner to battle with? Wondering if you wanted to be my partner for the battles?” Violet asks and shows Hinata the signup form.

Hinata bonks another Hallowed with ease before taking a moment to think it over. "A tournament eh? The same kind Lunes fights in?"

“I guess so!” Violet summons her axe again and bonks some Hallowed as well.

"Where's the tournament at? Didn't think there would be any in an apocalypse." Hinata wonders. The few Hallowed walking toward the duo gets rather easily swept away. They fly back pretty far.

“Probably hell? I think? Don’t worry I think it is safe if Luna and the gang are going.” Violet answers.

Hinata pauses as if she just heard French. "Uh, pardon? Hell? The same hell Lulu found Toby at???" She looks really concerned all of a sudden. She's also fucking clueless.

“No, I think it is a different Hell. The hell I turned into a deer in I believe.”

Hinata blinks and yeets a couple more Hallowed away from them. "Uh... okay?? But uh, sure. If Lulu's gonna be there, then sure. I accept your proposal, Violet,” they smile.

“Alight! Thank you! How’s Solaire doing by the way?” Violet asks curiously.

"Awful. I barely have any access out here, like I'm a damn hostage. Had to fuckin repel out of the window to come outside." Hinata groans.

“Oh wow. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope me and Luna can get you out of there for good.”

Hinata nods and smiles. "Thank you for being a friend Violet. You and Lulu both."

“No problem! I’m here to help!”

"Whatever I can do to help [the kiss], you all are in my debt. It means so much."

The thought of Hinata thinking Violet is still in [the kiss] makes her happy. Violet nods to Hinata and says, “It’s nothing. Just here to help a friend in need. Anything I can do for you now?”

"Not really. Just gonna stay out here and grind for a bit. Maybe a couple extra levels will help." she chuckles in magicless. Hinata is unaware of Hellfire Maiden or the drama that ensued because of her choices.

Violet giggles as well, “Well if you need anything, I’ll be in the woods. Just have been chilling there for a bit.”

Hinata nods. "Thank you, stay safe out there."

“You as well!” Violet heads off into the woods again.

Hinata continues her solo grind session, racking up EXP and leveling up a few times in the process. After a while and about ten levels gained, she returns to Solaire through the front door and back to her prison.