January 9, 2023

Something beeping is thrown through the window of the Kiss house. It’s a bomb!

"That’s not any song I know" Lock remarks

"Sounded like Drop the Bomb by Scotty D to me." Luna chuckles.

Kade catches the bomb and fucking EATS IT. Smoke bomb in his stomach.

Catherine swings in, sitting on the windowsill. "Aww... I wanted to make my entrance cooler." she frowns.

Melody is in the corner and looks over. "Uh... hello??"

Kade would be alright, not unused to having smoke in his mouth. "Get fucked, womanslut."

Luna sighs externally and her eyes turn purple. “Sup,” Krystal says with a wave.

Cole slowly looks over at the whore that just walked in. "Damn, that's crazy." Cole then goes back to humming classical music. Krystal sighs and loads another song onto their internal music player. It actually is Drop the Bomb by Scotty D.

Catherine huffs. "Well if you all don't care then I'll be taking care of business!" She hops off the windowsill and summons a gun to her hand, pointing it at Melody's head and pulling the trigger.

Isaac blinks.

Melody's eyes widen but before she can react- the bullet bounces off her. With a comical sound effect?

Catherine blinks as it hits her own arm, taking out the bullet.

Krystal rolls her eyes, "Can we help you ma'am?" she sounds annoyed. It's got a real Karen vibe to it.

Melody is so confused. "YOU JUST TRIED TO SHOOT ME?? AND IT DIDN’T WORK???"

Catherine looks just as shocked as her. "YEAH. WHY’S THAT??"

The gun disappears and she summons a hunting knife, attempting to slash at Melody's throat.

Melody bends backward and gets down, trying to get out of the room.

"I repeat, Catherine... what the fuck do you WANT?" Krystal is getting pissed.

"Luna, this doesn't look like chatting time right now." Isaac gets up and attempts to tackle Catherine.

Krystal sighs in not having her own body. She summons her love's Marked Broadsword and prepares for a battle.

Catherine rolls her eyes. "To kill a Sorath proxy." She huffs, easily moving out of Isaac’s way and kneeing him in the area code. She grabs Melody's hair, causing Melody to scream and stumble backward.

"Oioiouoioioioioioi!” Isaac crumbles.

Cole stops humming as his hands are covered in a blue aura. "This is really cutting into my planning." Cole draws a Colt 1911 from his overcoat and fires at the hand that's holding Melody's hand.

Everything is moving too fast for Kade he's just watching. Lock covers her ears and winces.

Krystal attempts to slash at Catherine's upper back with the Marked Broadsword. "Take this! Marked slash!"

Slithering can be heard within the walls.

The bullet embeds in Catherine’s skin but makes a clinking noise as it gets to her crystal underlayer. Catherine moves forward to avoid the slash and pulls Melody to her chest, placing the knife on her throat and getting ready to slice.

The lights flicker.

When they come back on, something is hunched over Catherine.

A large woman, around ten feet tall, is digging her nails into Catherine's shoulders. She has pale white skin with slightly pink blushes on her shoulders and elbows. She has bright blonde hair that goes around halfway down her back and covers her eyes.

She wears a light green dress with golden accents, four snow-white bird wings coming out from her back, and another set on her head where her ears should be.

A low growl rolls throughout the room, the slithering louder.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

Kade blinks several times at the current situation "What the fuck-??"

Krystal has no words. She's just staring.

Catherine laughs nervously, taking the knife off Melody. "Sid! What a pleasure it is to see you here! I've been wantin to meet ya!" They say, letting go of Melody. Melody runs behind Sidriel, shaking with fear.

Kade blinks several times at the current situation "What the fuck-??"

Cole squints at the situation in front of him and mutters, "Fuckin gods and turning the lights off."

Sidriel's jaw cracks open, fangs like that of a snake being revealed. Her grip on Catherine's shoulders grows tighter. "Answer my question, Corundum."

"Oh- yanno- just tryin to kill a proxy- What's the big deal?" Catherine asks, laughing Very Nervously.

It's to the point where Catherine's skin would be punctured. Sidriel spins Catherine around to face her, grabbing her by the neck. "And you're doing this why?"

Catherine is grabbed, her shoulders bleeding. She stares Sidriel in the eyes. "I think you know why. The prophecy."

"Isn't that precious? None of you ever take into account what She wants, do you?" Sidriel chuckles, the ends of her hair beginning to raise as her wings flit.

"I want what my Prince wants. Not the traitor." She says, distaste in her voice.

Kade leaves in a poomf of smoke.

The walls of the living room fall flat, the ceiling appearing to have disappeared.

They are in a large area, marble pillars reaching up into a foggy white sky. The ground around what remains of the living room is made up of pearly white marble tiles.

Sidriel's wings extend fully as she lifts Catherine into the air.

"Your Prince is a fool. You are a fool."

"...the fuck. What the fuck happened to the house???" Krystal is panicking but also like impressed.

Melody is shaking, baffled at everything.

Catherine sneers. "You'll see. You'll all see."

Lock curls on the floor and is crying and shaking. Seems nothing will be able to stop her until it’s all over.

Sidriel's form flickers. In her place is a large mass of vines, flowers, flesh, scales, and wings, seemingly in a shape of a large snake. Many eyes and limbs litter the mass, and a lot of limbs make up other limbs. One of these limbs is holding up Catherine.

The mass itself appears to have the head of a snake with white scales and multiple eyes. The tail of the mass looks to be a shark tail, and the rest of it is just. a mess. There appears even to be gemstones within the mass. It's ugly, yet beautiful.

It appears to be as large as a mall. Loud screeches come from the mass, that only Catherine will understand:

"You will not harm those working under Her will so long as I live. I am the messenger of your God. She will not tolerate such behavior for long."

To everyone else, it sounds like screams, cries, cheers, and prayers.

Krystal is knocked out by loud noises.

Melody screams, holding her ears and starting to cry.

Catherine sneers, clawing at the hand holding her up. "Fine. Are we done here???"

Catherine is thrown to the ground. The lights flicker once more and the house is returned to normal. Sidriel is gone. Slithering can be heard in the walls.

Isaac is crumbled on the floor from the hit still, face down. Lock stops crying

Catherine rolls her eyes and disappears in a puff of red smoke.

Krystal is able to pull Luna out of her knocked-out state but her eyes return to blue. "So. That happened." Luna sighs. What the fuck.